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Dusk til Dawn

All Human: Edward and Bella meet at a party in college. Bella has a boyfriend Jacob and Edward has a girlfriend Tanya. Bella and Edward start having feelings towards eachother. They take things a little too far and run away from eachother. One year later they see each other again.

Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight saga

3. 3

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* one year later *

( Bella's POV)

My daughter, Avery Alice Swan, was sleeping peacefully in her crib. You could tell she was Edward Cullen's daughter just by her face. She had his bronze colored hair, except it they were little ringlets. Her eyes were his peircing green ones. Even her competetive nature came from Edward. Yes my three month old daughter was competative. I wish I could have told Edward about her, but he always ignored my phone calls.

" Bella, we want you to come over tonight at eight , we're having guests we want you to meet. Oh, and bring my granddaughter!", my mom yelled through the phone before hanging up. I sighed and laughed. Avery was so spoiled, Alice always bought her clothes, Emmett always bought her toys, my parents always took her places.

It was seven o'clock and I dressed Avery in her little outfit that had polar bears on it. I dressed her in PJ'S because, what's the point in putting her in nice clothes if she's just going to be playing all day?

We got to my parents house around seven thirty, their guests hadn't arrived yet but my siblings were there. Avery was only three months old so I had to carry her with me most places. But here I was barely aloud to touch her because my family had their claims on her. Emmett was holding her when there was a knock on the door. My father answered it and seven people walked in. I noticed Jasper and Rosalie first. They saw Alice and Emmett before they even noticed I was there, thank god. I took Avery and Emmett went over to Rose.

" Rose, remember I was talking about Avery? Well, you fianally get to meet her! Bells, bring me my beautiful neice!", Emmett shouted waking Avery up. I stood up and gave Avery to Emmett.

" Hello Esme, Carlisle. How are you this evening?", Alice asked Jasper and Rose's parents. Little did I know, they had a brother. Or, adopted brother I should say. Avery started crying and Emmett handed her to me, he was fine around her until she started crying. He hated it when she cried because he didn't know what to do to help her.

" We are well Alice. I didn't know you had a sister.", Esme smiled at me, I smiled back while rocking my daughter back and fourth.

" She's my twin sister, and that is her daughter, Avery Alice Swan.", Alice held her hands out for my baby and I gave her to her.

" Aw, how old is she?", Esme asked touching her cheek.

" Three months and four days.", I replied blushing.

" I am her godfather, and Rose, Bella wants to know since we are together, if you wanted to be her godmother?", Emmett smiled at me. I nodded towards Rosalie and a smile lit up her face and she nodded.

" Isabella Marie Swan! Get in here right now!", my mother yelled.

" Great, what did I do now?", I mumbled walking into the kitchen.

" Yes mom?", I asked.

" Why is it your phone has pictures of a guy other than Jake, who is the father of my grandaughter?", I hadn't exactly told my parents Jake and I broke up because I cheated on him and Avery's father is Edward Cullen.

" Mom, Jake isn't her father. There was this guy and I went too far with him alright. I couldn't take hurting Jake anymore after he found I cheated on him, so I broke it off. A month later I found out I was pregnant.", I tensed waiting for her to yell at me.

" Well, I am disapointed in you, but here's your phone. Now, go to our guests and be nice.", my mother shood me away. I walked into the living room, and a guy was holding my baby. Then I looked at who he was. He had the same exact shade of hair and eyes as my daughter.

" Edward?", my eyes went wide.

" Is- is she my daughter Bella?", Edward looked devastated. I just nodded. A tear came from his eye.

" Why didnt you tell me? I could have been there!", he yelled.

" I tried calling you! You never answered your damn phone! The day I found out I left you like twenty texts and fifty missed calls.", I sobbed.

" Oh, I'm so sorry Bella. I wish- I wish I could have been there.", he looked down at Avery who had fallen asleep in his arms. He smiled and touched her red little cheek and sighed.