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Gray Skies Forever

Edward leaves Bella again. Victoria attacks her and she becomes a vampire. After eighteen years Bella and her new family move back to Forks. The Cullens are back also. What will happen with Edward's and Bella's relationship? ON THE NEXT CH. PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE AND CHAPTER NOTES! I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO ASK! PLEASE READ! CH 12- THE ANSWER/ NEW STORY! THANKS!


1. My Past

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It was eighteen years ago since last Thursday. It was eighteen years ago that Edward Cullen had left me…again. He left me a letter on my bed after I had said goodnight downstairs. Charlie had kicked him out as usual, promptly at 9:30. That was the last time I had heard form him.

Four days later I went to their house, to see if they had really left. It was then Victoria had attacked me. Jacob and his pack rescued me. They killed Victoria. Jacob helped me through the fire in my veins for three days.

The rest of the pack left and Sam insisted that he kill me, but Jacob refused to do so. He left the pack for as long as I was there.

Somehow we were still friends. He always told me I smelled awful and I said the same thing back. We worked out the differences.

Charlie was told I fell off a cliff again and drowned. I checked on him often and toyed with the idea of telling him everything, but I didn’t want to get him involved with this world.

Jacob lost control around me one day and I told him it was time for me to leave. I couldn’t hurt him and neither would he. We were balancing on the point of a knife and we were about fall off; it couldn’t go on.

We went our separate ways. He stayed in the La Push area and I went off to the north part of Washington.

I soon found out that I had two powers. The one I enjoyed the most was the fact that I resisted human blood, it almost repulsed me. I had not craving to drink it. It smelled the same to me as it did when I was a human, rust and slat. I sometimes even disliked drinking animal blood.

My second power was to change my appearance. It wasn’t easy, but came in handy. I also still had some human qualities. I could still blush and cry. I also could remember all my memories from when I was human.

About five years after I was turned I began getting lonely. Any time I traveled I would change my appearance just to make sure no one recognized me.

I went back to high school and started in my junior year. I had some human buddies, but I never got attached.

After I decided to go to college and I wanted to make a new vampire, but I didn’t want to steal an innocent life, especially one that I didn’t even know.

Afterwards I went off to Alaska. I had gone through four years of college. I didn’t know what I would do there. But I needed to leave Washington.

On my way there, I found two people stuck under a car. It had rolled several times and they were both unconscious. The road was deserted and there wasn’t civilization for another hundred miles.

I pulled the people out of the car, one male, and one female. I carried them about two miles into the forest and changed them. I sat in the forest with two screaming humans, hoping that no one would come this way.

After three days of the painful transformation. They finally finished. The male finished first and I took that time to tell him everything. He said his name was Kyle and this was his girlfriend Maria. He was twenty and Maria was nineteen.

They were driving when they were hit by a truck and rolled over several times. He said he didn’t remember much else. Maria finished about an hour later and he comforted her while I explained.

She questioned me much more than he did. When it began getting dark, I taught them how to hunt. We found four grizzly bears and a herd of elk. Their eyes were already beginning to have hints of topaz around them.

They had lived in Washington all their lives and argued with me to stay. We ended up finding a cute little house on the coast line. I wasn’t lonely anymore.

We stayed away from humans for a year. We were surrounded by forest and the nearest neighbors were twenty five miles away. With my degree from college, I decided to become a doctor. I enjoyed it very much. The fact of helping people became my life.

I had a family and a life. We acted like brothers and sisters, well except they were in love. Maria and Kyle got married a year later. I had trouble not crying the entire time, not because I was happy, but because it reminded me of Edward and me. I never told them about him, I didn’t think I could get through the story without balling out my eyes. I didn’t keep any secrets from them except that.

After they got married we moved back closer to Forks we were only thirty two miles away form the high school.

We bought a mansion that had four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a living room twice the size of the master bedroom, and a dining room. It had a screened in porch, front and back and a Jacuzzi in the backyard. It had been sixteen years now and I was finally recovering from everything.

We were out hunting one day when we met another vampire, a new one. He had been turned about two months ago. He had a female with him. He told us that he had found her lost in the forest, when he was hunting. He started drinking her blood, but couldn’t finish and he changed her. They had fallen in love.

His name was Kevin and the girl’s name was Elizabeth. They were both seventeen, but could pass for younger. They had learned to drink on animals rather than humans. We invited them back with us. After about six months we learned that Elizabeth had a power too. She could sense someone emotions and change them like Jasper but she had more force.

We now had a coven of five; two couples and me. Elizabeth and Kevin married three months later. They adapted to humans nicely; resisted the desire. After a year we decided to go back to school. We could all fit in as the same age. We built up Kevin’s and Elizabeth’s endurance a bit more first.

Five months later, we made the decision to back to Forks High school. I figured I should tell them about the Cullens. I had been getting better about thinking about them and the story came out quite easy. I still cried at the end, but they comforted me quickly. Especially Kevin, we had become best friends, he reminded me of Jacob.

So here I sit, looking out my window; like a do every night. I think about my past, him, the Cullens, and my family. I had a long history and I remember every detail of it; human and vampire. Tomorrow we would go to Forks High School.

I would be reliving part for my past only with a new family. I was excited, but how excited could you get, it was high school. I had already gone through it twice. As I looked into the gray sky, I thought about Edward.

I wondered what he was doing, if he had met anyone else, if he somehow still loved me. I would never have those questions answered and I had to remind myself that. But as I looked out the window, I felt… like he was somewhere close.