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Gray Skies Forever

Edward leaves Bella again. Victoria attacks her and she becomes a vampire. After eighteen years Bella and her new family move back to Forks. The Cullens are back also. What will happen with Edward's and Bella's relationship? ON THE NEXT CH. PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE AND CHAPTER NOTES! I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO ASK! PLEASE READ! CH 12- THE ANSWER/ NEW STORY! THANKS!


10. I Love You, You Idiot!

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I took a long hot shower and got some clean clothes on. As I was toweling of my hair I realized I had never read the note that Edward had given me from yesterday.

I found my backpack and took all the notes out. I found the most recent one. It was shorter and more rushed than the others.

Dear Bella, I’ll see you tonight. Can’t wait! I love you, always did, always will. ~ Edward

Last night didn’t go as anyone had expected. After my breakdown I’m not really sure what everyone else did. They were probably scheming more.

Well they wouldn’t have to wait much longer. I was slowly weakening. Last night made me realize how much I loved Edward, I wanted to forgive him.

As he held me in his arms, I didn’t fight him. I enjoyed it. His arms felt like they belonged there. I was comforted by him, he took care of me even after the way I treated him. And what he said to me this morning, I finally believed him. I could tell, he meant it, he always had.

I was so rude and careless to him as he told me his feelings. He poured out his heart for me several times and I discarded him like a piece of trash.

I finally understood how primitive I had been to him. I had to find him. I had an idea of where he would go after this morning. The meadow, it was one place that we had many memories of us and he could relax there. We had been there lot lately. It was our spot.

I decided to run instead of taking my car. I dashed into the forest. The trees flew past me. I knew I was getting close, I could see the sun shining through up ahead. I couldn’t smell him yet, though.

I slowed to a jog as I neared. I caught a whiff, but it was strong. He either hadn’t moved and with no wind the scent was lingering in one place or he had left before I arrived.

I stepped out from the brush. He was lying in the middle of the meadow. His eyes were closed and his face relaxed. He looked unconscious, but I knew that was impossible.

As I stepped forward, his eyes flickered open. He sat up straight then jumped to his feet in one movement.

“I’ll leave.” He began to walk towards the opening of trees.

“No don’t. I hoped you would be here.”

“Really?” I nodded and stepped forward, closing in the distance between us.

“Bella…?” he started.

“Edward, I’m sorry.” I interrupted him.

“For what?” he looked a little confused.

“For pulling you along like this. For being so rude to you lately. For teasing you with my love. I’m sorry.”

“So you can’t forgive me then?” he looked saddened.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Then what do you mean, Bella?”

“Edward, I…” it got stuck in my throat.

“Bella, I don’t get it. What are you trying to say?”

“I love you, you idiot!” I blurted it out finally. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that.

“Really?” he face lit up the second the words came out.


He hurled himself at me. He picked me up and twirled me around in circles as I clung closely to his chest. I giggled at his reaction and for the first time in eighteen years I felt perfect, whole, love.

He set me on my feet, but kept me nuzzled against his chest. He pulled my face to his and gave me a deep kiss.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. The kiss was long and when we both pulled back, we both took an unnecessary deep breath. He leaned his forehead against mine.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“You really do?”

“Of course.”

“So you can forgive me for my behavior?”

“Of course, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We fell to the ground and I curled up against his chest. His fingers traced my face, down my neck, along my arm, where they intertwined with my fingers.

We stayed silent, rememorizing each others faces. My fingers skimmed his face too. We lay next to each other as the sunset.

“It’s twilight.” He murmured

“Our best time.”

“Indeed. We can be together for eternity now just like we would always talk about.”

“Eternity, I like the sound of that. I still wished you would have changed me.”

“So do I, I’m sorry that I left you... that I didn’t want to change you….” I interrupted him.

“Not now. Later, I don’t want to talk about the past, about why you left. I want to stay in the present. I don’t want to remember those horrid times, right now. Please, later.”

“Ok, later. But I do have to explain eventually.”

“I know, just not now.”

“We should probably go tell the Cullen’s and Gilmore’s our news.”

“We should, they will be thrilled to know we are back together.”

“I’m thrilled. I thought I may never win you back.” He pulled me closer.

“Well, you have me now.” I kissed him lightly, parting my lips slightly to breathe in his still intoxicating scent.

I stood up and smoothed out the nonexistent wrinkles in my shirt.


“Yes.” He slung me over his shoulder in a brief second.

“You know, I can run by myself. I’d prefer it actually.”

“I know that, but I missed running with you on my back, please?”

I couldn’t resist that cute puppy face he gave me. He pouted his lips a little; he looked so gorgeous when he did that. He knew I couldn’t resist it.

“Okay.” I gave in. He smiled and took off running.

We were at the house in seconds. The lights were on and Maria’s car was in the drive way. He set me gently on my feet.

“Do they know?” I asked as he put an arm around my waist.

“Only Alice and she is keeping it surprisingly quiet.”

“Okay… let’s go.” I grabbed his other hand and intertwined our fingers. He kissed my hand and pulled me into the house.