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Gray Skies Forever

Edward leaves Bella again. Victoria attacks her and she becomes a vampire. After eighteen years Bella and her new family move back to Forks. The Cullens are back also. What will happen with Edward's and Bella's relationship? ON THE NEXT CH. PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE AND CHAPTER NOTES! I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO ASK! PLEASE READ! CH 12- THE ANSWER/ NEW STORY! THANKS!


12. The Answer/ New Story

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I was wordless. I kept opening my mouth but nothing came out of it. The ring was a gorgeous topaz ring with small diamonds surrounding the topaz gemstone in the middle. The silver band was thin and had engravings in the bottom.

“Yes!” I finally breathed.

“Really?” Edward asked still judging my reaction.

“Yes, Yes, Ye-!” I yelled out. I was cut off by a very enthusiastic Edward.

He got up from his position on the floor and jumped at me. He kissed me passionately. I missed him so much. Now we were getting married!

Our kiss was interrupted by Emmett, Jasper, Kevin, and Kyle howling and cheering behind us.

Edward pulled back and gave them a very unpleasant stare. They all stopped immediately.

“Edward, give her the ring, already!” Alice yelled from next to us.

“OK!” he yelled back. He stood me up on my feet and pulled the ring out of his pocket again.

I gasped at its beauty again. He slipped it on my ring finger of my left hand. He kissed the back of my hand once the ring was placed on my finger.

In one fluid movement he was on his feet again and picked me up. He twirled me around like he had done in the meadow earlier. He gave me a light peck on the lips as he spun me around.

“Congratulations!” They all yelled as Edward set me back down on my feet but kept an arm firmly wrapped around my waist. His thumb gently stroked my lower back.

Alice came running at me and gave me a bone crushing hug. It was a bit awkward with Edward arm still also tightly wrapped around my waist, not willing to let go.

They had formed a line behind Alice. They all gave me a hug, while the men playfully punched Edward in the shoulder. Carlisle draped an arm across our shoulders and gave us a pat on the back.

“It’s about time, you two.” He teased.

“Really.” They all joined in.

“Well it seems our vampire coven has just gotten mush bigger.”

“We will have to make sure no one gets suspicious. We’ll have to move immediately if they do.”

“We’ll be safe. No one will look into it, for now.” Alice spoke reassuringly as she reopened her eyes.

“We should probably give the Edward and Bella some time alone. Why don’t we all go hunt?” Esme gave me a wink. I smiled back at her.

“Yes, that would be nice. I could really use an irritable grizzly” Emmett smirked and led the way out the door.

Kevin was the last out the door. He gave me his dazzling smile and I knew it made him immensely happy that I was happy.

Now Edward and I were alone and engaged!

Part 2- Jacob’s POV

For the last eighteen years I had not aged. For five years I wallowed over Bella Swan, the girl I loved. I had not been quick enough to save her. If I would have been a few minutes earlier I could have saved her. We could have been together. But I failed, it was my entire fault.

We stayed together for a while, but it didn’t last long. It was too dangerous. I would not hurt my friend, the one person that meant more to me than anyone else. So she left and I crawled into a dark corner and stayed there for months.

I was useless to the pack. After a year I finally was helping, sort of. I phased and took care if the reservation, but I was lifeless. Just like Bella was when her bloodsucker left. After about seven years I ran away. I had to get away from the place that reminded me so much of her.

When ever I phased the pack would talk to me. But surprisingly they never told me to come back, they never complained about my disappearance. They wished me luck, told me they hoped I found what I was after. Sam told me to be safe and to come home when I was ready.

But the problem was that I had no idea what I was after. I didn’t know.

After nine and a half months away, I traveled back to La push. I went around Forks, still not approaching the Cullen’s turf. When I heard a scream, it sounded like Bella’s. I ran towards it, hoping to help, to do something.

I found a broken girl lying on the ground. A man stood over her, about to finish her off. He looked up at me… with blood red eyes. I attacked immediately; I would not lose another human over these bloodsuckers. I didn’t know this one, but I felt a weird, unbreakable connection to her.

I burned the body when I finished tearing him to shreds. I look behind me at the girl who lay unconscious on the ground. Then the strangest thing happened, it felt like the world had just turned upside down. I felt this connection to her, butterflies flutter quickly around in my stomach.

I felt like I had just found my soul mate. For once I had forgotten about Bella. Nothing else in the world matter, just helping this human I didn’t even know.

I picked her up and I could already tell that she had several broken ribs, a broken wrist, and possibly a broken leg. Ninety percent of her body was covered in bruises and she was bleeding, but not badly.

I ran back to La Push as fast as I could. I wasn’t far. I approached Emily’s house that had now been built on to for their two toddlers, Elizabeth and Anthony.

I slammed open the door and found the pack huddled around a coffee table. Their eyes opened with surprise and smiles spread across their faces. When they all noticed the limp body in my hands the smiles disappeared.

Sam and Emily drove me to the hospital. We made up a story about her being mauled by a bear. I didn’t care what it was, I just wanted her better. I would give my life for her if I had too.

She was unconscious for another two days after she arrived at the hospital. With all the morphine the doctors gave her to help with the pain, they were surprised she wasn’t out longer. She awoke with me by her side.

I explained who I was and that I would take care of her. I told her what happened to her, that she was attacked by a vampire. She took it well. Or as well as you can when you are told such a thing. I explained what I was and that we would discuss it when we got back to a safer location.

She was an orphan who had run away, she told me her story. It was extremely depressing, both of her parents died in a car wreck by a drunk driver when she was five. The only family member who took her in was her aunt. Her aunt abused her and she was taken to an orphanage after two years. When she was sixteen she finally ran away and got lost in the woods behind the house. That’s when the bloodsucker found her.

After weeks of recovery, of me by her side lovely taking care of her, she was released. We had grown to be friends, best friends. I knew it meant more to me, but I hadn’t told her about the imprinting yet. She didn’t need to deal with that on top of everything else.

When Sam finally ordered me to tell her, she had healed completely and I knew it was time to tell her. She took it extremely well. Years passed and I was happy, in love again. I had my soul mate by side.

We married four years after I explained everything. We never had kids; she didn’t want them after what happened to her as a child. I understood.

She wasn’t as understanding on the fact that I didn’t get any older, but I didn’t look in my twenties and she grew used to it.

So here I am, eighteen years later. With a loving wife by my side. Always loyal. When ever I had to go do my job, she never hesitated or disagreed with me. Heather was my sun, my everything.