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Gray Skies Forever

Edward leaves Bella again. Victoria attacks her and she becomes a vampire. After eighteen years Bella and her new family move back to Forks. The Cullens are back also. What will happen with Edward's and Bella's relationship? ON THE NEXT CH. PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE AND CHAPTER NOTES! I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO ASK! PLEASE READ! CH 12- THE ANSWER/ NEW STORY! THANKS!


7. More Questions, Zero Answers

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I sat in my dark room, with my back against my door. I cried softly to myself as I thought.

I heard the door open down stairs. Edward voice filled the silent room.

“I tried.”

“Edward what happened?” Esme asked her son quietly.

“I told her loved her. I told her I was sorry. But she doesn’t want me back. She doesn’t love me.”

“Edward you must have done something wrong!!” Alice yelled at him.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, Alice. She doesn’t love me anymore.”

“Bro, you had to have done something wrong!” Emmett chuckled quietly.

“Emmett!” Esme scolded her son.

I couldn’t take it anymore. How could he say that? How could he say that I didn’t love him anymore? I ran out of my room and down the stairs loudly. I miscalculated where he was and ran into his hard chest.

“Edward, how could you say that?”


“How can you say I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!?”


“Edward, you’re an idiot. How can you not understand it? I LOVE YOU! ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL! I had to live with the pain for eighteen years. You say you love me, but you can’t possibly love me or at least not the way I do. You wouldn’t have left me, again!!! But don’t you dare… doubt my love for you.” A smile appeared on his face and I was regretting what I said immediately.

He took my hand and pulled me outside. He guided me to the edge of the trees before turning back to me to quietly speak.

“Bella. How can you say THAT? I love you, too. I don’t understand how you can’t comprehend that I left you because I loved you so much. Why can’t you understand that?”

“Because Edward it doesn’t make sense. The first time you left me for my safety, to have a normal human life. The second time was also for my safety, but you also left me because you love me anymore. Just admit it”

“Ahh…Bella…” he didn’t even finish his sentence.

“Let’s just be friends, I’m not ready to go any further. I love you so much it hurts me. But I can’t, not now.” I crossed my arms across my chest and glared at him.

“Bella… fine. Just Friends.” He didn’t finish his first sentence and then gave in.

“Fine.” I turned around and stoked back into the house.

They were all sitting around involved in conversations with one another. Maria and Esme were discussing houses. The men were having a debate about car engines. Elizabeth, Alice, and Rosalie sounded as if they were planning a shopping trip for this weekend.

Esme was the first to see me.

“Well it’s probably about time for us to leave. It was a lovely night thank you for having us over. Your home is lovely.” She turned to me.

“Bella, we apologize for our behavior earlier. We were just having some fun.” She patted the back of my hand.

“Its fine, Esme. I understand.”

“So everything is worked out between you and Edward?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Per say. We are friends, nothing more.” I spoke confidently.

“Oh… it that his doing or yours?”

“My doing.” I spoke a bit sharper that wanted to.

“Ahh… I’m sure everything will work out eventually.” She sounded as if she had some advice form Alice.

“I’m not so sure.” For once I was betting against Alice.

“OK… well thanks again for having us over. If you like you could come over to ours tomorrow.” Esme spoke warmly.

“That sounds delightful. Seven?” Maria took the chance immediately.

“Sounds great!” Esme sounded excited.

Maria now had a large smile spread across her face, but it wasn’t a warm smile, it was an evil smile. She was scheming. They walked arm in arm out the door. At least they were getting along.

Carlisle followed behind Esme. Jasper, Emmett, and he were still discussing something about the engines in cars as they walked out the door.

Rosalie gave me a brief hug before she flowed gracefully out the door. Alice pecked me on the check.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. It’ll be GREAT!” she gave me a squeak and winked at me as she danced out the door. I ignored her.

I realized Edward had never returned in. The rest of my family made their way back through the door.

“Well that was a good night!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yes.” Everyone replied distantly. Their uneasy gazes were set upon me.

“I’m going upstairs.”


“I don’t want to talk.” I interrupted her before she said anything else. I ran up the stairs and dove into my room at vampire speed.

I saw a small piece of white paper folded on my chair by the window. It had my name neatly scrolled across the front.

I opened it up to Edward’s handwriting. It read-

Bella, I apologize for my behavior tonight. Friends… for now. I’ll win you back somehow. I’ll prove my love for you. I promise. I love you. Why you can’t understand that flabbergasts me. You can’t make me go away. See you tomorrow. ~ Love Edward

I groaned at the letter as I placed it gently on my nightstand with the others. I was annoyed, angry, and a bit excited at the same time.

Why was he trying so hard? Did he really love me the way I loved him? Did he love me as much as he said? But how? After all that he did to me how could he? How could I…. could I love him again; forgive him?