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The Chicago story

All Human: 1901: Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are born: 01-04: They become best friends 1917: They fall in love: 1918: Isabella is to wed, but not to Edward; Will Eward win Isabella, or will he fail and she has to marry another man.

Disclaimer: I dont own the twilight saga

2. 2

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( Carlisle's POV)

" Carlisle! You must read the paper!", Esme had the newspaper in one hand and our three month old son in the other. I took the paper from her and read it aloud.

" ' Isabella Swan, born September thirteenth. Parents Charles and Renne Swan, sibling, Emmett Swan.' Should we go congradutlate them? They just had a daughter!", I was so happy for Charlie, he has a son and a daughter.

" Who has a son and a daughter?", My daughter Rosalie asked.

" Mr. and Mrs. Swan, Emmett's mother and Father. Emmett has a new baby sister, just like you have a baby brother.", My daughter and eldest son were four years old. They were twins, ferternal of course except for their eyes and hair.

" Doesn't the name Isabella mean beautiful?", esme asked.

" I do believe it does. Well Charlie told me that they thought they were having another boy. They always called her him.", we all laughed.

" Let's go visit the Swans! Please daddy, pllleeaassee!!!", Rosalie begged.

" Alright sweetie, go get ready. Here Esme, you go get ready also, I'll get Edward ready.", I took Edward to his room.

" You know Edward, maybe Isabella will be the girl for you. It would be funny to think that you and my best friends daughter would wed one day. Well, expect the unexpected, right son?", I smiled as Edward made a cute baby sound as if he were agreeing with me.

" You do realize he's to young to talk don't you love?", Esme laughed.

" Just think about it. Our son and the Swan's daughter. Edward and Isabella. Isabella and Edward. It sounds fenominal.", I said.

" They aren't even a year old yet Carlisle. We have quite a while until Edward starts courting girls.", Esme smiled at me and Edward.

" You're right, what would I do without you dear."

" Well, I'm sure you'd have a very uneventful life. Without me, we wouldn't have our children.", she took Edward and headed outside with the children. I watched her leave and sighed, how I loved that woman. I got my coat and walked outside.