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The Chicago story

All Human: 1901: Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are born: 01-04: They become best friends 1917: They fall in love: 1918: Isabella is to wed, but not to Edward; Will Eward win Isabella, or will he fail and she has to marry another man.

Disclaimer: I dont own the twilight saga

3. 3

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* 1904 *

( Isabella's POV)

" Edward! I missed you!", I saw my bestest friend and threw my arms around him.

" Isawella! I missed you too! We are going on a picnic mommy and daddy said.", Edward grabbed my hand and our families started walking to the park. Mother had to carry my baby sister Alice.

" Daddy, how are babies made?", my big bwoder emmett asked. Daddy's face got all red and all the adults laughed.

" Um, Emmie, mommy and I will tell you when you are older.", Daddy took my hand and led me to a little picnic blanket where us children would be eating. Well, except alice, she got to stay with mommy and daddy.

* 1917 *

" Hello Miss Swan. Happy sixteenth birthday.", Edward pulled a present from his pocket.

" Mr. Cullen, you know I don't like gifts. Surley my best friend would know this.", I gave him a stern look. He took my hand and kissed it.

" He would, but if he was truely her best friend, no matter what he'd get her a gift. So, without further ado, would you please open your present. It took forever to find.", Edward handed me the small rectangular box. I opened it carefully and it reavealed a silver chain with a crystal heart as a charm on a bracelet.

" Edward! It's beautiful! Thank you, so much!", I hugged him and he helped me put it on.

" Isabella, I have something I need to tell you.", Edward said nervously.

" What is it Edward?", I asked worriedly.

" Promise me, if you don't like what I'm about to say, you will still be my best friend.", Edward's gaze held mine.

" I promise, now tell me what it is.", I ordered.

" I- I'm in love with you.", Edward held his breath. A smile slowly started forming on my face.

" I love you Edward, what does this mean?", I asked.

" I am courting you. Isabella Swan, will you be my girlfriend?"

" I would love to Mr. Cullen.", I smiled. He bent down to kiss me and I stood on the tips of my toes. When our lips fianally touched it was like sparks. I immediately knew I had made the right desicion.