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The Chicago story

All Human: 1901: Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are born: 01-04: They become best friends 1917: They fall in love: 1918: Isabella is to wed, but not to Edward; Will Eward win Isabella, or will he fail and she has to marry another man.

Disclaimer: I dont own the twilight saga

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* 1918 *

( Edward's POV)

" No Father! Don't make me, please!", I heard Isabella yell from inside her house.

" Isabella, it has been decided, do not embarrass yourself by throwing a tantrum.", her father yelled back.

" Daddy, I love Edward! Please don't make me marry Jacob!", I heard her beg. As soon as I heard her words I burst into her house.

" No! I want to marry Isabella! I love her, you can't take her away from me! I am begging you Mr. Swan, let me marry your daughter. Isabella is my whole life, she- she brings out the real me. I can't bear the thought of her with another man besides myself.", I pulled Isabella into a hug and her tears soaked through my shirt while mine went into her hair.

" No, in three weeks Isabella will be marrying Jacob Black. That is final, it's time for you to leave Edward.", Mr. Swan told me, but instead of leaving I just held Isabella tighter.

" Daddy, Isabella really loves Edward. I've seen the way they look at eachother. Don't force Isabella to marry Jacob.", Alice begged.

" Girls, go to bed. Edward, go home now!", he ordered with finality.

" I promise you Isabella Swan, me and you forever.", I kissed her forehead and left. Leaving my heart and soul behind with Isabella. I got home around ten o'clock.

" Edward! You had us worried sick, where have you been?", my mother demanded. Instead of answering I fell to the ground in tears.

" Mr. Swan..... just gave Isabella.....off.... to Jacob Black. In three weeks they are to be wed. I can't live without her mother, I must do what I have to, so that I can be with Isabella.", my parents carried me over to the couch and hugged me while I sobbed Isabella's name.

" I'm going to run away with her. That is if she'll go with me.", I told my parents.

" Maybe that isn't the best Idea son.", My father said.

" Father, either I am with Isabella, or I'm with no one, not even you and mother.", I said. We had came to an agreement. If Isabella said yes, we would run away together and return in two years, after we had married. If she said no, I would go away for a few years and return when I was ready.

I knocked on Isabella's window. I could tell she had still been crying. She opened her window and I jumped in.

" Isabella, will you marry me?", I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring I had gotten her.

" But Jacob and my father..", she said.

" We'll run away, and in two years after we've married, we'll come back. I want to spend forever with you Isabella, I love you. So, will you marry me?", I asked again.

" Yes Edward, I will marry you and we'll run away together tonight.", she kissed me as I put the ring on her finger. I smiled gently at her.