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The Chicago story

All Human: 1901: Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are born: 01-04: They become best friends 1917: They fall in love: 1918: Isabella is to wed, but not to Edward; Will Eward win Isabella, or will he fail and she has to marry another man.

Disclaimer: I dont own the twilight saga

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* 1920 *

( Isabella's POV)

" Well, there's my beautiful wife, and my soon to be child.", Edward touched my stomach. I was seven months pregnant. We were going back to Chicago so our family could meet the baby.

" Speaking of our child, we haven't decided upon any names.", I smiled at Edward. We had run away when we were seventeen, we were now nineteen and expecting our first child.

" Ah, well, I wish we knew if we were having a son or a daughter. It would be easier to come up with a name.", he grumbled and I laughed.

" Well, we should be on our way. Good thing it's only half an hour train ride to Chicago.", I laughed.

" Yes, and don't worry, I already bought the house. Three bedrooms two bathrooms, a large backyard for our child to play with. And when we get there, I'm going to set up the nursery.", He took my hand and we made our way to the train station.

an hour later........

The house was beautiful. I absolutely loved it. Seeing the big yard got me and Edward even more excited for our baby to be born. We had just made plans to visit Edward's parents then mine. We headed to the Cullen house.

Edward knocked on the door and a little boy opened the door.

" Hello, are Carlisle and Esme here?", Edward asked with a smile.

" Grandma! Gwandpa! There's people at the door.", The little boy yelled.

" Christian, invite them in please.", I heard Carlisle's voice.

" Please come in. Is there a baby in your tummy?", he asked me.

" Yes, and Edward is the baby's father.", I smiled.

" Edward? Isabella?", Esme asked. Then she saw my stomach and started crying.

" Hello mother.", Edward pulled her into a tight hug.

" Isabella?", I saw Emmett.

" Em... I missed you!", I hugged him.

" You- your pregnant? Are you married?", he asked in disbelief.

" Yes Emmett, on both. I'm seven months pregnant. We're moving back to Chicago.", I told him. His eyes lit up.

" Well, you met my son christian. Rose just found out we're going to have another baby. Alice and Jasper got engaged.", He hugged me again.

" What- what about mom and daddy?", I asked holding my breath.

" They were upset when you ran away. They live across the street now, they are actually heading over here now.", I saw my parents walk through the open door.

" Isabella? Is- is that you?", my mother had tears in her eyes. I just nodded. My father's mouth dropped open wide as he saw my stomach.

" Are you- are you pregnant?", he growled. I just nodded again.

" Why did you run away?", my mother asked.

" I love Edward, I wanted to be with him, not Jacob Black. So, I ran away with him. We got married last year, and now I'm having a child and we're moving back to Chicago.", I explained.

" Father, Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Swan, Isabella and I want you in our child's life. But if you don't want to be, we won't bother you.", Edward spoke up and put his arm around me. We both held our breath.

" That is my gradchild why wouldn't I want to be in his or her life?", Esme laughed. Carlisle said he did too. Now came my parents.

" Isabella, you embarrassed us. I know one thing is, I will never be close to your child like I am with christian. But I will still be in it's life. ", my mother said, I nodded and looked at my dad.

" Isabella, I do not, want to be in that child's life. You've embarrassed me too much. To think you run away and got pregnant. I am so disapointed in you. I don't even want to be in your life. Renne let's go.", my father pulled her out the door. Tears came down my face, edward wiped them away.