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Let Hert Cry

Bella comes back to Forks and brings death with her. A story full of romance, horror, and a few lemons.


1. Part One

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Let Her Cry

Part One

Ever since the reservation school had been closed down due to insuffiant staff, the reservation kids have been being forced to go to the Forks schools. It hasn’t been long, maybe a few years, but it sucks.

Now, I’m a junior and waiting in the office to get my schedule. Somehow the dang school lost track of it.

That was when she walked in.

Little Ms. Sexy-On-Legs.

She had on a black and red plaid mini-skirt that was definitely too short for dress code with a red spagetti strap shirt. She also had on a pair of high heels and seemed to be chewing on gum. She walked over to the counter to the receptionist’s desk, leaning over it. This put her ass facing my face and I sprung from what I saw. I could see her dark red panties.

I lightly licked my lips as the receptionist came back.

“Isabella! I’m so glad you made it!” The girl giggled while I internally fantasized about those panties.

“Me, too, Mrs. Wilson. It’s good to be home finally!” Then the principle walked in, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Isabella, you know the dress code. Are we going to have to send you home to change?” She grinned at him and I had to adjust myself in my pants.

“Mr. Reinhardt, I would, but I just got back after being gone for YEARS! These are the only kinds of clothes I have. I already plan to get dress code appropirate clothes this weekend…unless you want me to wait until then to start up with school.” Damn! Please, don’t make her leave. She is so beautiful to look at. Especially that ass. Just looking at it just made me completely turned on.

“Alright. Now, get your schedule and hurry on to class. If I see you out of dress code after this weekend, you will be sent to DMC. Understood, Ms. Swan?” She nodded happily, standing up straight.

Then it hit me.

Isabella Swan!

Holy SHIT!!

Charlie Swan’s daughter. We used to hang out when we were little. We never talked very much. She usually hung out with my sisters, but DAMN! She was so unbelievably beautiful!!

Did I mention sexy?

“I understand. Thank you, Mr. Reinhardt.” He pointed to the seat next to me and she sat down, whistling a little tune.

After a few minutes, they gave her her class schedule and another few minutes passed and they gave me mine.

I walked down the empty hallway and then was suddenly pulled into a empty classroom.