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Let Hert Cry

Bella comes back to Forks and brings death with her. A story full of romance, horror, and a few lemons.


2. Part Two

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Part Two

I looked at who had pulled me in and it was Leah, my best girl friend. She wasn’t exactly a sweet girl. She was tough around the edges, but was really cool once you got to know her.

“Leah, what-” She shushed me and peaked out the window of the class room. She sighed and groaned.

“That damn whore is looking for you.” I was confused as I leaned against the door.

“What whore are you talking about?” She rolled her eyes and groaned.

“Isabella FUCKING Swan is the whore I speak of.” I rolled my eyes back at her.

“First off, she is not a whore just because she dresses very…provocatively. Secondly, why would she be looking for me.” She shrugged her shoulders with anger in her eyes.

“I have no idea why she is looking for you, but I call her a whore because she has made sure that everyone in the damn school knows that she has strut her stuff for most of the guys in her old schools so she is, in my definition, a whore.” Wow. I never would have thought that word to fit Isabella Swan, but it appears I was wrong from what Leah was saying.

“Whatever, Leah. You stopped me from getting to class to make sure I knew she was looking for me. Thanks. Have fun in class.” I made sure to give her a small hug before hurrying off to class.

When I got to my English class, the she-devil was sitting in the middle in her desk, writing something in a notebook.

“Ah, Jacob Black. So glad for you to join us.” Her eyes jumped up and I handed my pass that the receptionist gave me to the teacher and he pointed for me to sit in the only open seat. Given the teacher had the desks in rows, I was sitting diagonally behind her to the left. She seemed to have her eyes on me as I slid into my seat. She looked back to her notebook and continued what she was doing.

Our teacher, Mr. Birdie, continued with his lesson and I wrote notes in my spiral, feeling a balled up paper hit my desk.

I looked around and everyone was facing forward. I opened it up and read it silently.


Can you tell me how I can contact your sisters?



That is what she wanted to find me for? She just wanted to talk to my sisters?

I skipped a few lines and wrote down.

Why would you want to talk to them?

I folded it up and tossed it onto her desk. She retrieved it and unfolded it in her lap, reading it and then looking back at me.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She whispered to me and that caught the teachers attention.

“Ms. Swan! Mr. Black! You will stay silent and focus on the class. Your chit-chat time is between classes.” I watched at Lauren Mallory laughed and spoke outloud for everyone to hear.

“Is seems to be hunting her next prey.” Isabella scowled at her and flipped her off.

“Nah, Lauren. I think she has more class than to go for a guy like Black.” Yeah, thanks, Newton. That guy was such a jerk. Isabella just rolled her eyes and flipped him off.

“Fuck you, dirt bag.” He just bucked his hips and laughed. I couldn’t believe they were trying to embarrass her like this in class and Mr. Birdie was just LETTING IT HAPPEN!

“Anytime, anywhere, sexy.” She rolled her eyes and flipped him off.

“Never happening. Unlike most girls, I have a method to my madness. I have a particular criteria to fuck a guy, alright?” I couldn’t wait to hear this, but hoped it would be in private ears. His eyes widened and then he chuckled.

“And whats that? Does drugs and has a million tattoos?” Everyone laughed and she rolled her eyes.

“Most importantly in my criteria, it has to be someone that no one would expect me to so when he gets pissed at me for not wanting more, when he starts spreading shit about me, no one believes that we have fucked. Secondly, he wouldn’t be terribly experienced and he wouldn’t think he was the best of the best at what he does even if he is. Those are the main three things I look for in a sex partner, Michael.” He rolled his eyes.

“Okay. Who in this class, in your opinion, mostly fits your criteria?” She giggled innocently ad I caught her biting her bottom lip.

“That is very easy.” Everyone seemed on the edge of their seats and I felt shock over take me once she spoke. “That would be Jake.”

A gasp filled the room.