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Let Hert Cry

Bella comes back to Forks and brings death with her. A story full of romance, horror, and a few lemons.


4. Part Four

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Part Four

I parked in the driveway next to a 1998 Ford Mustang convertible. It was in perfect condition. It was the same color and everything that my friend, Embry, always wanted to have as his first car.

Technically, his first vehicle is a dirt bike.

I whistled out loud as I climbed out of my Rabbit, walking to the front door. I lightly knocked and a few moments later, the door opened and the very beauty that filled my thoughts emerged, giving me a shy smile.

“Hi, Jake.” I smiled back.

“Hey. Charlie asked me to come by and check out your car. Didn’t want to start up this morning?” She nodded and grabbed her keys off the wall, opening up the door completely. She had on a blood red dress and combat boots.

She looked absolutely beautiful no matter what she was wearing.

She walked outside with me and shrugged.

“I started to tinker with it when I got home after Mr. Birdie kicked me out and, turns out, the fan-belt was busted.” I widened my eyes at her in shock.

“You’re a grease-monkey?” She rolled her eyes and popped the hood.

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘grease-monkey’, but I know how to fix it and to build it. My step dad was a mechanic before he decided to try out baseball. Between you and me, he was a better mechanic.” I lightly chuckled and she rolled her eyes. “Now, that you have reminded me…” She trailed off and opened the garage, bringing out paper towels and oil.

She unscrewed the gasket, lightly leaning over the car, and pulled out the stick inside, wiping it on the paper-towel. She nodded to herself and replaced the gasket, closing the hood.

“Do you know anyone that would want to buy this hunk of junk?” I gave her a smile and leaned against the hood.

“Yeah. A frend of mine on the rez has always wanted one of these. He could probably pay you a few grand for it. He has been saving a while for a car.” She nodded and blushed, nodding for the house.

“I was about to make something to eat. You hungry?” I nodded and smiled at her.

“Yeah. Sure. Thanks for sticking up for me in class, by the way.” She shrugged and we started back towards the house.

“I just hate guys like that, like Michael. He is a bully and I hate bullies.” I nodded as we walked in, closing the door.

“Why did you come back? You haven’t been back for at least two years.” She nodded and I noticed her gulp back a lump in her throat. Uh-oh.

“Well, I-umm-my mom thought that Charlie, being as he is the Chief of Police, could calm me down, discipine me into being a good girl.” I chuckled as we made it to the kitchen, the phone starting to ring.

She grabbed it and put it to her ear.

“Hello?…Umm, who is this?…Well, what number were you trying to reach?…It happens all the time. See ya…They have a hundred number for that…sorry, asshole.” She groaned and hung up. “God damn wrong numbers.” I chuckled and then the phone started to ring again. She picked it up again and sounded more agitated. “Listen, asshole-” Then she stopped and seemed to gasp, looking scared. She hit the speaker phone button. “What do you want?” She motioned for me to stay silent.

“I want to see what your insides look like…Is-a-bell-a.” She slammed down the phone and pulled the cord out of the wall, throwing the phone in the trash.

What the hell?

“Bells, what was that about?” She looked like she had seen a ghost.

“I don’t know…Your guess is as good as mine.” I could see she was lying and stood closer to her, making sure to comfortingly rub my hand across her back.

“What is it?” She took a deep breath and had a tear fall down her face. “You can talk to me. I won’t say anything to anyone. You can trust me.” She nodded and leaned her forehead against my chest, clutching her hands to my shirt. I wrapped my arms around her as she cried into my chest.

“That’s not the…first time I got a call like that.”