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Let Hert Cry

Bella comes back to Forks and brings death with her. A story full of romance, horror, and a few lemons.


5. Part Five

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Part Five

I was shocked as I lead her to the couch, letting her sit down. She kept her hands clutched to my chest as she continued to cry. I hated seeing this strong, independent woman cry.

“When I was sixteen, I-I got a call like that before, only the person said that they were inside of the house. They said they would gut me like a fish if I hung up on them. So, I left the phone on and ran out of the house. Two weeks later, one of my REALLY close friends were murdered…” She looked up at me with tears streaming down her face. Her hand stroked gently across my cheek while she stared at my chest. “They were hung from the tree in my front yard, disembowled, set on fire…” She trailed off as she gently kissed me…on the lips. I was in shock and she pulled back, shaking her head. “I don’t know why this is…” She trailed off and kissed me again, holding my face to hers. I moved my lips gently against hers and she pulled back again. “… happening to me.” She kissed me again and I pulled her closer, feeling her arms slip around my neck. “Oh, Jake.” I groaned and she held my face closer, moaning and placing my hand to her breast.

“Bells…” I pulled out of the kiss and both of us were panting heavily, attempting to catch our breath.

“What’s wrong?” She bit her lip as she lightly moaned, gripping my shirt.

“Tha-that was amazing, Bells, but I-I don’t do this stuff, really.” She groaned and gently kissed me again.

“Jake, we are just making out. By the way, you are a really good kisser.” I pulled out of it.

“Bells, I’m not like other guys. I don’t just go around kissing or having sex with girls that I’m not dating. I’ve never even had a girlfriend before, Bells. I’m sorry, but I’m just not that kind of guy.” She bit her lip and nodded, giving me another kiss.

“I already knew that, Jake. I know you’re not like other guys because you haven’t tried to make a pass at me yet. I’m not conceited or anything, but almost every guy at our school and my others have. You haven’t though.

“I like you, a lot, Jake.” I smiled down at her and she kissed me again. I pulled her closer and deepened it, feeling her moan fill my mouth. I pulled back and kissed the tip of her nose lightly.

“You really like me?” She nodded and moved even closer to me, practically sitting in my lap.

“Like I said, a lot. Do you-um-like me?” I flashed her my smile and nodded.

“Yeah, I do. So, can I have another one of those kiss?” She nodded and I dipped my head down, taking her lips into mine. One of her arms wrapped around my neck while the other stroked my chest. She grabbed my hand and intertwined her fingers with mine, running her tongue along my bottom lip.

“You can touch me if you want to.” She moaned and pressed my hand to her breast, inside of her dress. God, I was touching her bare breast. The skin of it was so silky while her nub was hard. “Here…” She moaned and deepened the kiss, making me moan. She then pulled my hand out of her dress and placed it on her ass. “…or here…” I groaned when I felt myself pitch a tent in my jeans. God, the things she does to me. She then moved my hand between her legs, pressing my fingers to her bare, core. God, she felt so wet. “…or here.” God, she was one temptress.

“Bells, God, do you have an idea what you are doing to me?” She giggled as I released the kiss, taking back my hand.

“I have a small idea. I can get a little carried away sometimes.” I bit my lip and lightly kissed her cheek, stroking her other cheek with the tip of my finger.

“I can take it, Bells, but we should probably put the phone cord back in just in case Charlie tries to call.” She nodded and gave me another kiss.

“Okay.” She grabbed my hand and we both got up. We walked into the kitchen and I wrapped my arms around her waist while she reconnected the phone. It instantly started to ring again. She lightly jumped and I pushed her hair off her shoulder, kissing along her neck.

I could get used to this.

She lightly moaned and then hit the speaker phone.


“Listen, slut! If you hang up on me again, I will gut both you and your loverboy like a fish! Understand?!”