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Starting over

All human: Bella's fiance just died, Edward's girlfriend ditched him with their kid. Will these two people who have lost alot gain one another?

Disclaimer: I dont own the twilight saga!

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( Edward's POV)

" Alice, I don't want to meet your friend. I have a kid, I need to take care of her. I don't need to be meeting women.", I argued with my sister. She wanted to set me up with her friend. I swear once Alice becomes a mother she'll understand my desicions to keep my child at the front of my mind.

" Edward, she's great with children! She's a kindergarten teacher! Plus since you are coming to dinner tonight at my place, you'll see her anyway, she is going to be there. But she told me she may have to leave because of an important business call.", Alice thought. I was really hoping alice saw what was wrong with that sentance. A buisness call? She's a kindergarten teacher.

" I'll talk to her, but I'm not making any promises.", I scowled.

" Daddy, are we going to Aunt Ali's house tonight?", my five year old daughter, Lilly , asked.

" Yep, so let's go get you dressed.", I picked her up and went to her room. We picked her favorite outfit. Her daddy's girl shirt and grey skinny jeans with pink flip flops.

At seven we headed to Alice and her husband Jasper's house. We went right in. Everyone was already there. I didn't see Bella though. I walked back to Alice's room and the door was closed but I listened through the door.

" Alice, he died two months ago. What if I'm not ready. Plus you said your brother has a daughter.", I heard a musical voice say.

" Bella, what's going on with you? You've completely been ignoring us. What did I do?", she begged.

" Nothing, I have some really tough things going on right now. Plus I am waiting on this really important call that is putting more stress on me.", Bella made an excuse.

" Bella, what's this call about? You've been waiting for it for three days.", Alice said so quiet I could barely hear her.

" When I get the call, I'll tell you what it is all about. I promise.", she swore. I backed away from the door and went to find my daughter. Of course she was sitting on the couch watching Barney.

" Edward, this is Bella. Bella this is Edward.", Bella was absolutely beautiful. She had mohagany hair and chocolate brown eyes.

" Hi, I'm Edward, that's my daughter, Lilly.", I pointed to lilly sitting on the couch.

" I'm Bella, nice to meet you.", we shook hands and Jasper said it was time for dinner. In the middle of dinner Bella's phone started ringing.

" This is the call I've been waiting for. I'm going to take it outside.", she got up and answered the phone saying hello first.

About ten minutes later she came into the house and her eyes were all red , you could tell she'd been crying.

" Holy shit! Bells, what happened?", Jasper yelled as she sat down.

" Um, I- I-", she started sobbing. It was hard to watch.

" Alice, I told you she should have stayed home. It's only been two months.", Jasper growled.

" It might not even be about him Jazz, now Isabella you tell me what's going on, you promised.", Alice growled.

" It was my doctor. I made an appointment last week.", Bella said sniffling.

" Oh god! No, please Bella tell me you're not sick! You're my only sister, I can't lose you!", Jasper yelled.

" I'm not sick. Before Jake died we..... it's not appropriate to say with a little kid at the table so you can guess what we did. I'm pregnant, with my dead fiance's baby. The doctor's machines were down and they fianally got working, they called and told me the news. I'm three months pregnant.", She had tears in her eyes again. Dead fiance? She's pregnant? Wow, I bet Jasper's in shock.

" Bells, I'm so sorry. You do know you have options right?", Jasper said patting her back.

" I am not getting rid of my baby Jasper! It's the only thing of Jacob I have left, I just feel bad my baby is never going to meet his father.", she sobbed again.

" Maybe I should take you home, or to dad's. I don't think you should drive home like this. You're a wreck.", Jasper suggested.

" Thanks for the compliment big bro. Wait, where's Emmett? I thought he was coming tonight?", bella said.

" Emmett and Rose decided to have a night in, if you know what I mean.", Jasper looked sick.

" Ew, alright, I'm the little sister here! Don't need to know what my brother is doing with Rosalie!", she cringed. Everyone laughed and continued eating.