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Starting over

All human: Bella's fiance just died, Edward's girlfriend ditched him with their kid. Will these two people who have lost alot gain one another?

Disclaimer: I dont own the twilight saga!

2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

It's been two months since I met Bella. We didn't speak often, but we spoke enough. It turns out she'll be my daughter's teacher. Though by the time school comes she'll have to take time off work for her baby. She had just found out she was having a little girl. For some reason, Bella never left my mind. I knew I shouldn't, but I really liked her. Her being pregnant with her dead fiance's baby didn't help much either. Whenever I asked her how he died, she always got a horrible look on her face then started crying.

" Daddy, why does Uncle Jasper protect Bella?", Lilly asked.

" Well, Bella is Uncle Jasper's baby sister. Even though she isn't a baby and is about to have a baby, he thinks she still is.", I explained. Jasper had a brother and a sister. Bella was the youngest, she was only twenty one like me. Yes my daughter is five, my ex and I were sixteen when she was born. Alice and I were twins, our sister Rosalie was the oldest and she's dating Bella and Jasper's older brother Jasper.

" I wish I had a baby sister. Then I would have someone to play with, I have no one to play with now.", Lilly sighed. I had never heard her talk like this.

" Lilly, I play with you. So does Aunt Ali. Uncle Jazz loves to play dressup with you.", I laughed remembering the time Lilly dressed Jasper up like a princess for her fourth birthday.

" It's not the same. All my friends at school have brodders and sisters. I dont. All my friends have mommies too. I don't have a mommy.", a tear slid from her eye. Her mother had left two months after lilly was born. She had told me that a baby was to big a responsability and I could keep her if I wanted but Tanya wouldn't be involved.