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Coming back to haunt me

Edward left in new moon. The wolves didn't make in time to keep Laurant from biting Bella. But they did keep him from killing her. Bella's been living with a vegetarian coven for eighty years. She's haunted by the memory of Edward but has acted happy. What happens when her past comes back to haunt her?

Disclaimer: I dont own anything twilight related!

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( Bella's POV)

Edward Cullen. The thought brought a pain in my stomach. Eighty years ago he told me I was nothing but a distraction. Months later Laurant found me, he changed me before the wolves could kill him. I left Forks and started traveling. I'd gone from town to town, just trying to find something to take my mind off..... him. Nothing could though. I'd met nomads and other covens. Many asked if I would join them, but I had a feeling it was just because of my powers. Yes, powers, not just power. With one thought my venom could become a cure for being a vampire, or I could create a vampire. I could also give female and male vampires the ability to have children. I was also a mental sheild. The volturi knew of my powers and tried to recruit me, but I denyed their reqest.

It was only a few years after I was created that I met Blair and Kathrine. They were eachother's mates, and they were vegetarians. We studied my powers. Blair and Katie now have three children, Gabriella, who's ten, Finn, who is Gabby's twin, and little Charles, charlie was four. I posed as their adopted daughter who was seventeen. Our last name was Evanson. We were all starting school in the town my life started and Ended. Forks, Washington.

I was enrolled as a junior in highschool, Finn and Gabby were in sixth gade and Charlie was starting kindergarten. My parents had gotten me a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport car. It was orange and black. I knew it was flashy but it was the car of my dreams. The speed was amazing! It was about as fast as running. It was my baby, and nothing would hurt my baby.

( Finn's Bedroom: http://niriti.com/bedroom-design/awesome-sport-theme-boys-bedroom-ideas.html )

( Charlie's Bedroom: http://www.design-shops.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/awesome-bedroom-designs-for-teenagers-1.jpg )

( Gabby's bedroom: http://www.ghoofie.com/images/2011/06/Beautiful-Pink-Funiture-Sets.jpg )

(Blair and Katie's room: http://girlsbedroomdecoratingideas.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Awesome-Teen-Bedroom-Decorating-Ideas.jpg )

( Bella's room: http://static.hometrend.org/fast-cache/2011/02/Teenage-Bedroom-Furniture-Dual-Function-Storage-Unit-Panel-Bed-Not-With-Storage-Photo-600.jpg )