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Coming back to haunt me

Edward left in new moon. The wolves didn't make in time to keep Laurant from biting Bella. But they did keep him from killing her. Bella's been living with a vegetarian coven for eighty years. She's haunted by the memory of Edward but has acted happy. What happens when her past comes back to haunt her?

Disclaimer: I dont own anything twilight related!

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

" Isabella Marie Swan Evanson! Quit picking your clothes out and get your ass to school! You're going to be late on your first day!", My mother, Katie, shouted. I had picked my favorite outfit of all time.

( Bella's outfit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_TwVABgka5Go/SvGRNJDPlII/AAAAAAAACqA/e0qHUPO5jA/s400/9fC7c45B6f5DE392__gallery.jpg )

" Yes mother! I'm on my way now!", I jumped out my window and looked at my sexy ass car. I was a different person than I was eighty years ago. I know loved cars, shopping, and hiking. I got in my car and sped three times over the speed limit. The normally twenty minute drive only took me five minutes. As soon as my car pulled into the parking lot, children's mouths dropped. I got out of the car and made sure I locked it.

" You're going to catch flies in your mouth with it open like that.", I told a blond boy who reminded me of mike newton.

" Is, is that a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport car?", He asked astounded.

" Yep and it's also my baby, so if you so much as breath on it, I will kill you. By the way, I'm Isabella Evanson, but call me Bella.", I held out my hand. He shook it and fliched at my cold skin. I flashed him a smile.

" Gregory Newton, the office is over there. You can pick your schedule up there.", he winked at me. I knew he was a newton. I kissed him on the cheek.

" Thanks.", I walked away. The only other nice car I saw was a huge jeep that reminded me of Emmetts.

I walked into the office and noticed I wasn't the only person in there. I went up to the desk behind the other person who strangly smelled like vampire.

" Thank you Miss Thompson. I'll just get the schedules to my siblings.", the girl turned around and rammed into me on accident. She had gold eyes and strawberry blond hair. It wasn't rosalie, but another vampire.

" Sorry.", she apologized then walked out.

" I'm Isabella Evanson. I'm here to get my schedule.", I told the lady at the desk. She gave me my schedule and showed me the easiest routes to each class.

" Thank you ma'am.", I told her and went to my first class, History. Of course I had to see them here. I just saw Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett. I avoided their eyes. But that didn't mean I couldn't hear them talking about me.

" She looks exactly like Bella. She even has the same first name. But it can't be her. Eddie boy didn't change her.", Emmett loudly whispered.

" Maybe it's a relative, bella would be what, ninety eight years old. This girl is definetly not ninety eight years old.", Rosalie said.

" Ya, and this girl has good fashion sense and did you see her car? That's definetly not Bella.", Alice repeated. I couldn't just sit there anymore, I had to say something. So I decided to walk up to them.

" Maybe, Bella needed a change. Maybe Bella didn't feel like being the weak human. Maybe Bella was broken, and nothing could fix her except changing every single thing about her. Hi, I'm Isabella Marie Swan Evanson. Daughter of Blair and Katie Evanson. Sister to Gabby, Finn and Charlie Evanson.", I growled. Their mouths dropped.

" Bella? Is that really you?", Rosalie asked.

" Ya, it is. Laurant found me in the woods. The wolves pulled him off of me and the venom spread. Four years after my change, I found Katie and Blair. They are my parents and I found my gifts.", I told them.

" You have to introduce your family to ours!", Alice squeeled. I nodded to her and gave them my address and told them to come over after school.