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Coming back to haunt me

Edward left in new moon. The wolves didn't make in time to keep Laurant from biting Bella. But they did keep him from killing her. Bella's been living with a vegetarian coven for eighty years. She's haunted by the memory of Edward but has acted happy. What happens when her past comes back to haunt her?

Disclaimer: I dont own anything twilight related!

3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

The cullen's told Eddie and his new girlfriend and after school Carlisle, Esme and their family were heading over to my house. The Cullen kids were just following me after school. So here we are school is over and we're heading to the parking lot.

" Anyone wanna ride with me?", I asked. All of the cullens raised their hands.

" Alright, Rose and Alice can ride with me. Let's go.", I took them to my car. Roslie looked at my sweet ride. We got in ant I took off towards my home. Their mouths opened at the sight of my huge house.

" Isabella! What did I tell you about letting your little brother get into your make up?", My mom saw the Cullen's then shut up.

" Sorry mom. I forgot to lock my bedroom door.", I told her. She gave me a stern look.

" You must be the Cullen's kids. Come in, your parents are already here.", My mom motioned towards the door. We all headed inside. I was engulfed by a little four year old, covered in my makeup. I couldn't stop laughing.

" Charlie! What did you do?", I laughed.

" I twy to wook pwetty yike yoooo!", He yelled jumping onto my back. I laughed and all of us sat in the living room.

" So, Bella, what's your gift?", Carlisle asked.

" You mean gifts. Plural. Well, I'm a mental sheild, With just a thought my venom can turn a vampire human again , and I can give vampires the ability to have children.", Roses eyes got huge at the last two.

" What!", everyone but my family yelled.

" Sissy! Guess what! Mrs. Goodman said that it was my turn to bring home the class pet!", Finn yelled.

" That's great Finnick!", I smiled.

" Back to the topic Bellsy Boo!", Emmett yelled.

" What else is there to say? I told you my powers. Not much else has changed. You guys want to see my room? It's amazing, I love it. I have two walk in closets.", I told alice.

" You promised to take us to the amusement park though!", Gabby yelled.

" That's right! Do you guys want to go? I'm taking gabby and Finn.", I asked the Cullen kids. They all nodded.