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Complicated Lives

All human: Edward comes home announcing he's in love, he lives next door to his sister, brother in law and 5 year old neice. What happen's when the brother in laws family dinner night with the whole family comes up and Edward is there?

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!

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( Edward's POV)

" Sir, I'd like to ask your daughter to marry me. She brings out the real person in me and I can't imagine being without her. Please give me your permission to propose.", I sat in front of the woman I loved's father. Her brother was my best friend and not to mention brother in law. Her parents knew about us dating but not her brother or sister.

" You've been dating for awhile now and I really do believe you love her. So yes, welcome to the family Edward.", I stood up and shook her father's hand.

" Oh, could you please not say anything to Emmett or Alice? They still don't know we're dating.", I held my breath.

" Sure son, just remember, tomorrow night is family dinner night. I expect to see you there as well as my daughter.", he gave me a stern look. I nodded and got to my car. I had the ring, I was going to propose tonight. I was heading over to my Bella Swan's house.

I knocked on her door practically jumping up and down. The door opened and there was a beautiful, pale, mohagany haired, chocolate eyed woman standing there. This was my precious Isabella Swan. I couldn't wait to propose to her.

" We need to talk.", we said together. We both laughed and walked inside. She told me to go first and I took it. I slid down to one knee and pulled out my grandmother's engagement ring. One thing about bella is she hates having money spent on her.

" Isabella Marie Swan, will you make me, Edward Anthony Cullen, the happiest man alive and marry me?", she had tears coming down her face and she nodded. I smiled and put the ring on her finger before grabbing her into a hug and kissing her.

" Ok, onto my suprise.", she pulled me into the bathroom. Why were we in here?

" Promise not to overreact?", she asked. I nodded. She picked up a stick like thing and handed it to me. I had no idea what it was. I raised my eyebrow.

" Edward, it's a pregnancy test. I'm pregnant, and before you ask, yes the baby is your's.", She took a nervous breath waiting for me to reply. I was so happy, ecstatic, I thought proposing would be the highlight of my night, but now it's finding out my fiance is pregnant with our baby.

" We're having a baby?", A eye creasing grin lit up my face and I hugged her tightly.

" Yep we are.", I could feel her crying.

" Babe, why are you crying?", I asked suprised.

" I'm just so happy, it's been the best night of my life. First finding out I'm pregnant then getting engaged to the man I love.", more happy tears slid down her face and I wiped them away with kisses.

" You need rest, we have a big day tomorrow. I am attending your family dinner night, I promised your dad. I am going to head home love. I love you, goodnight and have sweet dreams my bella.", I kissed her forehead and left.

I ran into my sister's house when I got home.

" I'm in love! ", I yelled in her face, while her mouth dropped.

" Who is she? You never mentioned meeting a girl!", Rose yelled.

" Not telling until later, see you. I am heading off for some beauty sleep.", I walked out of her house and ran into mine changing my pajamas eager for the morning to come.