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Complicated Lives

All human: Edward comes home announcing he's in love, he lives next door to his sister, brother in law and 5 year old neice. What happen's when the brother in laws family dinner night with the whole family comes up and Edward is there?

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!

2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

Bella and I arrived before her siblings did at dinner. We hadn't even told her parents I proposed the night before. Though her dad knew I was going to. We wanted her siblings to be there for the big reveal. Not only for the engagement but for the baby as well. Nobody but the doctor, myself and Bella knew that. Before we knew it her brother and sister were arriving, and I got super nervous, and my breathing sped up.

" Edward, listen to me. No matter what anyone says, I love you and by siblings aren't going to tear us apart.", she promised. I nodded and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. We were in the kitchen helping Renne with dinner and we heard the door opening and closing in the front. We took a deep breath and walked to the dinner table hand in hand. Emmett and Alice, bella's bro and sis's, mouths dropped. Jasper and rosalie could barely blink.

" Hey Emmy Bear, I've missed you!", Bella hugged her brother while he just stood there looking at me. Glaring is actually a better description.

" Bellsy boo, why is my wife's brother here? At our FAMILY dinner?", Emmett and Alice growled.

" We'll get to that later.", she promised and we all sat down. It was an awkwordly silent meal and in the middle of it Rose, Emmett and my niece, Katie, stood up.

" We have something important to tell you guys. Kate tell them.", Emmett smiled.

" Mommy's having twins! I'm gonna be a big sister!", Katie yelled. Our mouths dropped and Bella's parents started crying tears of Joy.

" Maybe we should tell them another time.", Bella suggestively whispered.

" If you prefer it like that. I want them to know though. In less than a year you, I and our baby are going to be a family.', I whispered back.

" Let's just tell them, Emmett just made his announcement, which means ours probably wont seem very big.", Bella took a deep breath and I spoke up, Just blurting part of it out.

" Emmett, you asked why I'm here and it's because last night I asked Bella to marry me and she said yes.", before I could say anything about our baby Emmett started chasing me around the house trying to kill me.

" Emmett stop acting like a two year old and sit down!", Bella yelled grabbing my hand.

" Okay ever-", bella's parents cut her off.

" So, Rosalie how far along are you?", Here mom asked.

" Four months, suprisingly, I'm smaller than I was with kate and it's twins. Oh and they are both girls!", Rosalie squeeled.

" Let's just go tell your parents. Mine are... busy.", Bella grabbed her coat and we left to my parents. Everyone was at bella's so we had my parents alone. I just felt so bad for Bella. She told me her parents always favored Emmett and Alice over her but I didn't really believe it, until now that was.

We reached my parents' house and they were suprised to see us. They knew about me and Bella but not about the engagement and the baby.

" Hey mom, hey dad.", we hugged them.

" Hey you two. What's going on? Isn't it family dinner night at Bella's?", my mother Esme asked.

" Ya but things weren't going so well so we left. We have some exciting stuff to tell you." I smiled as me and Bella sat on the couch.

" WHat is it?", my father smiled.

" I proposed and bella said yes.", their faces lit up, my mom started crying.

" That's not it though. After she said yes, she told me she had a suprise. Bella's pregnant.", my mom's tears were now a river.

" I can't believe it! I'm going to be a grandma again! How far along are you Bella?", Esme asked.

" Um, I think three or four months. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'll find out then.", Bella smiled. I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

" Wait what happened at Bella's parents'", Carlisle asked.

" Um, Emmett tried to kill me after finding out we were engaged, then Bella couldn't even tell anyone about the baby because apparently Rose is pregnant with twin girls. Bella's mom cut her off before she could get to the baby part.", I sighed and looked at Bella who seemed to be trying very hard to hold back tears.

" Oh, I'm so sorry Bella. Well, I am very excited. Maybe I'll get a grandson fianally. Jasper and Alice have a girl as do Emmett and Rose, plus there's two girls on the way. But if this one turns out to be a girl, I 'll love her just the same as if she were a boy.", we all laughed. It was true, apperently us cullen men couldn't give our children a Y chromosome.

We said goodbye and I spent the night at Bella's house. We talked for hours and cuddled with eachother before falling asleep.