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Complicated Lives

All human: Edward comes home announcing he's in love, he lives next door to his sister, brother in law and 5 year old neice. What happen's when the brother in laws family dinner night with the whole family comes up and Edward is there?

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!

4. 4

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( Edward's POV)

It's been three and a half months since bella found out she was pregnant. We had everything ready, his nursery, his toys, even his godparents, well god father we hadn't figured a godmother yet. The only other thing we didn't have was the single most important thing. His name.

( The nursery : http://trendhousedesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Cute-Baby-Room-Decor-Design-2.jpg )

We had absolutely no Idea what to name him. My parents had suggested combining our names but nothing worked. But right when I was about to give up for the day, I thought of a name.

" Bella! I got it!", I yelled and ran into the bedroom where she was getting ready for Alice and Jasper's daughter's birthday party.

" Ah! What do you have?", she asked.

" His name! I have his name!", I was practically jumping up and down.

" Well?"

" Well what?". I asked.

" What's the name?", she yelled.

" Oh, yeah, it's Hunter Masen Cullen.", I waited for her reply. She got a huge smile.

" I love it, and so does he because he just kicked as soon as you said that name.", I hugged her. It was kinda hard seeing as she's eight months pregnant and can barely see her feet.

We ended up at Tanya's party around five o'clock. Everyone else was there already.

" Nice of you to show up.", Rosalie sneered.

" Sorry we were late. I just had a epiphany.", I smiled. We put Tanya's present by the other ones. The party was princess theme seeing as she was turning 5. Alice was five months pregnant with another baby girl. Proving my theory even more that the males in this family were unable to give away their Y chromosome.

" An epiphany? What was it?", Rose sneered.

" My son will be born with a name.", I smiled and touched bella's stomach.

" Oh really, it's probably something like, Cutelittlebabyboy.", Alice groelrf.

" Nope, it's Hunter Masen Cullen.", Just then the baby kicked. He was going to be our little athelite.

" Wow, and you came up with it?", Esme asked.

" Ya, I was just sitting on the couch, and then it popped into my head.I scared Bella in the process but hey, our kid fianally has a name instead of having to call him baby X.", I laughed. We did call him that, well until now. It was now little Hunter.

" Are you excited to have him Bella?", Bella's mom asked.

" Ya, I'm just scared it's gonna hurt. on a scale of one to ten, how bad is the pain?", Bella asked.

" Twelve.", All the girls but my mom and Renne said. Bella cringed.

" Wow, well now I'm not so sure about being excited.", Bella swallowed loudly. I glared at all the pregnant girls besides Bella. It was Jasper who spoke up.

" Quit lying! Jeez it's anywhere from six to ten. Alice, Tanya barely hurt at all. And rose, I know for a fact it was like a seven. So Bella don't worry. And girls, this is Bella's first baby, you've all been through this. You should be supporting her. Not scaring her just because, she's having a boy and you guys are having girls.", Jasper looked ashamed. Bella looked away embarrased.

" Plus Bella, even though there is pain, it's all worth it when you will get to hold your baby boy for the first time.", Esme said.

" Have you picked the godparents yet?", Bella's father asked.

" Well, Jazz knows he's the godfather, but we're thinking Angela for the godmother.", I said. Angela was bella's best friend.

" How about we focus on Tanya it is her birthday afterall.", Alice growled.

Two hours later we were all sitting in the living room talking about the babies well except for Hunter.

" Hey Bells, I think we should go home. You look tired, plus I'm dead beat.", I suggested.

" Ya, I am tired let's go.", I was about to help her up but she gave me the I-can-do-it-myself, look. We said goodnight and were on our way.