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Complicated Lives

All human: Edward comes home announcing he's in love, he lives next door to his sister, brother in law and 5 year old neice. What happen's when the brother in laws family dinner night with the whole family comes up and Edward is there?

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!

5. 5

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( Edward's POV)

Rosalie had the twins on June thirteenth. Bella was a week overdue now. We were sitting in our house watching tv when Bella froze.

" Bella? What's wrong?", I asked. I immediately stood up.

" Um, either I just peed myself or my water just broke. I'm going with option number two seeing as I'm having stomach pains every five minutes.", she said. My mouth dropped.

" Well what are we waiting for! Let's go have our baby!", I helped her off the couch and into the car.

" I'm gonna go tell Rose and Em, then I'll call our parents, Jazz and Alice.", she nodded and I ran into Rosalie's house.

" Hey Eddie boy, what's up?", Emmett asked. He was holding His oldest daughter on his lap and watching Barney.

" Bella's water just broke, I wanted to tell you seeing as your the baby's uncle.", I said and darted back to the car.

After I had called everyone, Esme and Renne drove straight to the hospital.

" So, what has she said so far?", my mom asked with a laugh.

" She's said that she hates me, that's she's never going to sleep with me again, and that there is no way in hell I'm even aloud to touch her after hunter is born.", I smiled. I didn't really mind, I mean she was giving me the greatest gift in the world, my son.

" Well, that's not half as bad as what I said." Renne laughed.

" Are the doctors in there?", Esme asked, I nodded.

Two long hours later our son was born. He was born June twentyth at 8:13 am. He had my green eyes and my bronze hair but he had Bella's nose and Bella's lips. His ears looked like Emmett's. He weighed six pounds three ounces. I cut his umbilicle cord and Bella held him first. I was going to hold him after he was all cleaned up.

" Mr. Cullen, Ms. Swan, here is your son.", the doctor was carrying a small blue blanket in his arms. He handed it to me and inside was my beautiful son. I couldn't help but smile as tears came down my face.

" Hi Hunter, I'm your daddy. And I'm pretty sure you are going to be the only boy in the family besides your uncles and grandfathers and I. Our family can't seem to pass the Y chromosome." The doctor took a picture of me holding Hunter and of Bella holding Hunter.

Esme, Carlisle, Renne and Charlie came in first.

" Can you believe it? Our only grandson is fianally here.", all the grandparents laughed and passed him off to one another.

The next people in the room were Alice, Jasper and Tanya. We handed Hunter to Jasper first.