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Pick the Right Web Designer in 4 Easy Steps

Selecting a web designer is the first and most crucial decision that one has to make when planning for a competitive website that attracts visitors, retains their interest and converts them into customers. Through 4 simple steps you can make the right decision about the web designer you will be working with for your website design.


1. Pick the Right Web Designer in 4 Easy Steps

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You may have recently visited the website of an “acclaimed” web designer, and are planning to hire him immediately for your business’ website design project. But you need to devote quality time towards finding the designer whose selection you would not regret when the website design project commences. However, before hiring him, it is crucial to take this 4-step analysis so that you know that you have hired the best.

Step 1: Scrutinise his work portfolio- When you look up for a professional web designer, the first thing that you must look at is his work portfolio (mostly available on website of the respective designer). The technical expertise, domain knowledge, industrial reach and versatility of the designer can be ascertained from a deeper look at the websites that he has worked upon to see if his work standard matches with your expectations.

Step 2: Search the web for any reviews about that particular designer- Every web designer would say only the good things about himself on his business website. The best way to know if he really lives up to the reputation he has built and the promises he makes is by searching the relevant discussion forums and learning about what is being said about him.

Step 3: Fix a face-to-face meeting with him- Indirect references can only help you shortlist some web designers that suit your requirement. You can fix up meeting with these designers to discuss your project requirements in detail. Such an interaction can facilitate your decision by giving you an insight into the professional approach of the designer, his communication skills and listening skills.

Step 4: Ask as many questions as you want- Many people hesitate from asking too many questions from their web designer. However, this is a mistake they are making because it creates a communication gap that adversely affects their website design project. If the designer gets irritated or dodges your questions related to the project, you have every reason to not hire him. The capabilities of a web designer depends on his deep understanding of the intricacies of website design, answering the queries of the clients and working on the planned design within the given budget and timeframe. Some of the questions that you must ask the designer is his industry-specific work experience, his technical skill set, the number of team members that may assist him, what all services he will render (some web designers also specialise in graphic design services etc.), the cost involved in the entire process and the level of your involvement in the project. How well the designer manages to answer your questions with clarity indicates at his proficiency in handling your project successfully.

The above discussed steps are not as easy as they may appear, but if done properly they can make your web design project easier and help you get a website that performs profitably for your business.

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