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Broken lives

17 year old Isabella and her 20 year old brother's parents were in an accident. Their parents one wish was for them to stay together forever and have their mother's vampire brother to change them. Bella's been through alot in the past couple years. First, her boyfriend of two years died, then her best friend Jake moves away. Now her parents die and she endures the worst possible pain, The change. Everything gets confusing when Bella and Emmett meet the Cullens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight

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( Bella's POV)

" Emmett, Bella, you need to listen to us.", my mother's voice cracked. Emmett is my older brother. He's twenty and I'm seventeen. My parents, Charlie and Renee Swan were just in a horrible car accident.

" Isabella, Emmett, your uncle Mark, he isnt.... Human. He used to be, but not anymore. He's been.... immortal, for twelve years. He's a vampire, you need to go to him. He must change you, it's our dying wish for you both to be together for the rest of eternity. Please, do it for us.", our father's voice was as quiet as a breath.

" Daddy, I can't lose you. I've already lost my boyfriend and my best friend. You and mom cant die. Can't Uncle Mark change you guys?", I begged.

" No, we made a deal. If anything were to happen to your father and I, he would change you and Emmett would adopt you. Please, children, do it for us.", with that our parents stopped breathing. They were just corpses, I had tears streaming down my face.

" Bella, it's their dying wish. We should do it.", Emmett grabbed my hand.

" But, odds are, you'll meet someone and leave me.", I cried.

" No, I promise, I will always choose you. You are my baby sister.", he promised.

" Alright, let's go to Uncle Mark.", I nodded and we headed to his house. He immediately new why we were there.

" I'm so sorry guys. So Emmett, you will adopt Bella when you awaken from the change. I'm going to change you first Em. You can watch over Bella. When Bella awakens I'll explain everything.", We both nodded and had tears in our eyes.

I heard emmett scream, he never screamed. Before I knew it, Uncle Mark walked into my room.

" Lay down Bella. Close your eyes. It's going to hurt, but try and contain it.", he told me, and I heard Emmett scream again. I nodded. Next thing I knew ther was a sharp pain in my neck and a fire burning in my veins. I held back the screams, I didn't even dare to move. Everytime the fire blazed hotter I would remember I was doing this for my parents.

I have no idea how long it lasted, but eventually the fire changed. It started to cool, but the fire in my heart blazed even hotter. My throat felt like I'd been in a desert without water. My heart was beating like the wings of a hummingbird. Then with a final beat, my heart went silent. I opened my eyes and was utterly astounded. I saw everything, I heard everything, I could even taste everything.

" Bells? Are you okay?", Emmett whispered, but I heard it with perfect clarity. I sat up and looked at him. He was beautiful, his muscles were more enhanced, just like the rest of his features. But one thing stood out, his blood red eyes. In a hurry I got up and ran to a mirror, the speed was amazing. I looked in the mirror and saw the most beautiful thing. She had my lips, my nose, my everything except blood red eyes. My skin had always been pale, but not as pale as it was now.

" M-my eyes.", I reached up to touch my face.

" Isabella, you need to go hunting. We hunt animals instead of people, I'm sure you understand.", Uncle mark smiled. I nodded, Emmett and Uncle Mark came with me hunting.

I ended up a big mess. I had gotten a mountain lion, two deer and a moose. That's when I felt full, like nothing else could fit into my body. The bad part was my clothes were torn, mud was caked into my hair, and blood was all over me.

" You did very well for your first hunt Isabella. Your eyes will be golden in a couple of months. Come, I must explain to you the.... rules.", he dragged Emmett and I into the living room.

" You musnt tell a human what you are. You musn't expose yourselves. The volturi are the leaders, they are a royal family. They deal with the law. Also, you cannot create an immortal child. The person you change must be at least thirteen years old. If any rules are broken you will be killed, along with your accoplises. Do you understand?", He looked very serious. Emmett and I nodded.

" You won't burn in the sun, you don't sleep, you will have endless bloodlust, you have super strength, super speed, super sight, super everything. You need to control it around humans. Do not put yourself in temptations way.", Uncle mark taught us everthing. By the time we left him to travel, we were a year and a half old and we'd been around humans without a problem. Emmett made me one promise that day.

" Bells, you won't ever lose me, I'll be the one person you can't get rid of. You are the most important thing in my world... I promise.