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Broken lives

17 year old Isabella and her 20 year old brother's parents were in an accident. Their parents one wish was for them to stay together forever and have their mother's vampire brother to change them. Bella's been through alot in the past couple years. First, her boyfriend of two years died, then her best friend Jake moves away. Now her parents die and she endures the worst possible pain, The change. Everything gets confusing when Bella and Emmett meet the Cullens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

It's been five years. Five years since my parents died,five years since I first discovered my powers, five years since the volturi tried to recruit me, five years since I was changed, and six years since the love of my life died. Bad luck seemed to be my best friend. Everyone and everything I loved, all of it would probably some day be gone.

" Please Bella!", Emmett was begging for a wrestling match before I headed to school. Uncle Mark always put two hundred thousand dollars in our back accounts each week. Emmett bought a jeep and a house for us to live in. I bought a ferarri. We were living in Forks, Washington. The story here is that Em's and I's parents died in a car crash and our Uncle was deamed unfit to care for me so my big brother Emmett adopted me.

I drove my ferarri to school, the only other nice car was a silver volvo. My heart sank, Edward, my dead boyfriend had always wanted a silver volvo. I got out of the car and the whispers started....

" Oh yeah, she's even hotter than Rosalie Hale!"

" I bet she'd be fun. "

" Betcha fifteen bucks I'll have her in my bed by friday night."

" Wow, I want her",

I eventually just stopped listening. It was so boring when humans talked about me. They always said things I had heard before and I was only five years old to this life.

First period was about to end when a baby faced boy with blond spikey hair and blue eyes approached me.

" You're Isabella right?", he asked.

" It's Bella, I hate my first name. And you are?", I held out my hand. He took it and gasped at the temprature.

" Mike, Mike newton. So I hear you are adopted."

" Technically yes, but I'm adopted by my older brother.", I told him. Great now I was the center of the town's gossip.

" Why?", I hated it when people asked why.

" My parents died in a car accident. I went and lived with my drug dealer uncle and when social sevices found out they deamed him an unfit parent and my brother adopted me.", I lied.

" Well, I'm sorry. I'll save you a seat at lunch, you haven't really made friends yet so.... come sit with mine. I'll see ya later bella.", in his act of trying to look cool he accidentally ran into a girl holding coffee. I laughed my ass off.

It was fianally lunch and I smelled something, only a vampire would recongixe. Another vampire. I watched them walk in together. There were three blondes and a black haired pixie girl and a bronze haired boy. Two of the blondes were girls the other was a guy. The blond guy seemed to be with the pixie girl, the strawberry blond girl was with the bronze haired guy and the last blond girl who looked like a model was all alone. I immediately thought of Emmett when I saw her for some reason.