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Broken lives

17 year old Isabella and her 20 year old brother's parents were in an accident. Their parents one wish was for them to stay together forever and have their mother's vampire brother to change them. Bella's been through alot in the past couple years. First, her boyfriend of two years died, then her best friend Jake moves away. Now her parents die and she endures the worst possible pain, The change. Everything gets confusing when Bella and Emmett meet the Cullens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight

3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

All the thoughts of the children in school, were focused on the new girl. Tanya seemed jealous, I had no idea why. She was my mate, there was no one I loved more than her. Ok, well, there was one girl, but I would never see her again. She would get married and have a baby. Bella Swan. I didn't tell Tanya about her, I knew she would try and make me forget Bella.

" Hey Cullen, have you seen the new girl? She is.... a super model. Great body, beautiful face and her hair, it's so.... sexy and flippable.", mike newton told me.

" No, I haven't seen her and I'm with Tanya, nobody is more beautiful than her in my eyes.", I said with a smile.

" Oh, well, you might reconsider that when you see her. She's sitting at my table, I am going to ask her to prom. She'll have to say yes to me.", mike's thoughts were innappropriate.

" Well, have fun with that.", I laughed.

" Oh I will.", he said imagining more disturbing things.

" What class you got next?", Newton asked.

" Music, why?", I asked curiously.

" Damn, that's new girls next class.", mike looked disapointed.

I headed off to music and entered the classroom just as the bell rang. I looked into the girls section and saw a girl with her head down. I felt pain in my stomache I hadn't felt since I had to leave Bella.

" Miss Swan! Welcome to music class. Do you have any musical talent?", Mr. G our teacher asked. The girl nodded.

" Well what can you do?", he asked.

" Sing, guitar, dance, play the piano.", she replied quietly.

" The piano? When did you learn?", He asked curiously.

" After my boyfriend died, then I stopped playing the day my parents died. My brother bought me a piano but I haven't even touched it.", she said.

" Why after your boyfriend died?", he asked another question.

" He used to play for me. We would cut class and go to his house just so he could play. Then, we went on a date and we got in a car accident. A drunk driver hit us head on. The airbag killed him, I was in the hospital for twelve weeks. Then, my parents died in a car accident. I went lived with my uncle who dealt drugs around me and social services took me away. My older brother Emmett then adopted me and here I am.", she explained.

" I'm sorry.", the teacher whispered.

" Don't be, I'm not. I've lived in my own personal hell for awhile.", she said.

" Can you sing something for us?", Mr. G practically begged. He didn't believe she could sing.

" N-no. I don't sing in front of people. And I refuse to touch a piano or insrument.", she growled. I then saw her eyes. They were gold just like mine. They looked very familiar, but I couldn't place them. Before we knew it the bell rang and she walked out a little faster than the average human.

( Emmett's POV)

I was walking towards my locker when a blonde haired girl bumped into me. Wierdly, it didn't knock her to her feet. Even the strongest of humans would have fallen. She looked into my eyes and I felt.... Complete. She was so beautiful. I forgot about everything and she invaded my every thought. Her golden eyes, her sweet vampire scent, her perfect blonde hair and rockin body. I wanted her to be mine.

" I'm sorry, I'm Emmett Swan...", I stuck my hand out and she graicously accepted it.

" Rosalie Hale, I live with Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his mate Esme. Along with my brothers and sister.", her eyes sparkled when she spoke of her family.

" I live with my sister.", I told her. I wanted to pushe the hair out of her face.

" You should come meet my family.. I have some stange attraction to you, and I think my father will know what it is.....", she sighed happily. I nodded and followed her. We ended up at a big mansion. I was still marveling in her beauty. We made our way inside and into the family room. She called out to he rfamily. There were six people there with us now. I looked around and saw one face I thought I'd never see again.

" Edward? Edward Masen?", I asked unbelievelbly.

" Emmett Swan?", he seemed just as shocked.

" No, your dead.... Bella was in the car with you when you died!", I shouted.

" Carlisle saved me.. I was about to die.", he shook his head.

" Oh god.. I left Bella at the school!", I panicked.

" What do you mean Bella is at the school? She should be twenty two.. she should be with a man worthy of her, not in highschool! What happened!", He yelled.

" Bella and I's parents died, their dying wish was for our uncle to change us into vampires. Bella only did it for our parents.", I growled. I head someone approaching the outside of the house. Then there was a knock on the door. Esme went and answered it.

" Is my brother here? I followed his scent, I was going to get his keys and drive his jeep home for him.", I heard Bella's sweet innocent voice.

" Yes he is..", Esme answered sweetly right back. The expression on Edward's face was pained. He looked like he wanted to cry.

" E-ed-edward?", she would have been crying. Just then the other blonde girl wrapped her arm around Edward's waist. You could see the pain reflected in both of their eyes.

" Bells, I-i'm sorry I left early.. But Rosalie.. she- I think she's my mate..", I honestly told her. She nodded in uderstanding.

" Yeah, I um, I'm leaving Forks. Maybe go see uncle mark for awhile. Be on my own.", she looked away from me and my heart tore open.

" Bella no! I made you a promise five years ago! I also promised mom and dad I would take care of you, you can't go!", I shouted.

" Loo Em, I'm not a little girl anymore. The only thing that can hurt me is fire. I'll find you in a few years. Just give me time to find myself. I promise I'll be back.", She kissed my cheek then darted out the door.

" She's the only family I have left...", I murmered. Rosalie hugged me. Edward looked like he wanted to cry.