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Broken lives

17 year old Isabella and her 20 year old brother's parents were in an accident. Their parents one wish was for them to stay together forever and have their mother's vampire brother to change them. Bella's been through alot in the past couple years. First, her boyfriend of two years died, then her best friend Jake moves away. Now her parents die and she endures the worst possible pain, The change. Everything gets confusing when Bella and Emmett meet the Cullens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight

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( Bella's POV) 13 years later

Chicago was fun..... I stayed inside by day, and ventured into nightclubs. I was the definition of succubus. Using men for their bodies, then drinking their blood. I'd been drinking human blood for 10 years. So, here I was in the club ' Twilight ', looking for my next victim. When my eyes finally landed on a tall, light skinned man with blue eyes and blonde hair. I strutted over to him and started flirting. Of course, I was the sexiest thing in the club so I had no problems getting him to leave with me. I was really thirst so I decided to just drink his blood. I took him into the alley and kissed his neck.

" By the way, I'm Bella...", I whispered into his ear.

" I-I'm Derek..", I'm not sure if he stuttered from subconsious fear or lust.

" I know you planned on taking me home tonight, but I have... other plans for you.", I rubbed my hand up his chest and he shuddered.

" Wh-what's that..", he breathed heavily.

" You won't be going home tonight, you'll never utter another word to your family. You are going to become my meal..", I laughed darkly before I covered his mouth with my hand and it into his neck.

( Emmett's POV)

We were in chicago now, we all decided to check out the club ' Twilight '. Eddie had dumped Tanya when he found she was still sleeping with other men because he wouldn't sleep wih herr. We were outside the club when we heardsoemone talking in the alley.

" You won't be going home tonight, you'll never utter another word to your family. You are going to become my meal..". the girl chuckled darkly. All of us then heard the obvious tear of vampire teeth against human skin. We ran into the alley and saw a girl biting into thte neck of a guy. We heard as she sucked the last drops of blood from his lifeless body. She turned around, sensing our presense. What I saw shocked me. It was my baby sister, with blood red eyes.

" Bella....", I assume my voice was as quiet as a whisper.

" Emmett, you shouldn't be here. What are you doing?", she demanded.

" Me? Please, please tell me you just fell off the wagon tonight. Tell me you'll go back to our original diet.", I begged.

" I've changed Em, I'm a monster! A souless demon. I didn't just fall off the wagon Em. I've been drinking from humans for the past ten years. It'll be too hard to stop! And then, the voices in my head! I can hear their pain but I like it even more! Tonight wasn't like a regular night out for me... I usually, sleep with them then drink from them. It's like two birds with one stone. Sometimes, I pick people with families, then listen to their families crying over them. What I don't understand is how they can cry over their husbands, but he cheeted on them. Then sometimes, I think about changing myself human again and just ending it. But I'm too selfish of a creature for that. I like causing weak little humans pain, sometimes it's the highlight of my day. Tonight, I was simply thirsty, I'm not the same Bella you used to know Em. So do yourself a favor and just leave me be. I'll be gone in a few days. A new townn, new population, I'll stay for a couple months then go on to another city.", She looked away from me. My whole family looked pained.

" I can help you Bells. I can get you back onto the animal blood diet and you won't have to be a monster anymore.", I slowly started walking towards her.

" Emmett, I like being a monster... The thrill of people screaming for help and I know it's never going to come. Then of course using stupid males for their bodies. I like feeling the comfort of human blood down my throat. Of course, you wouldn't understand. You've never fallen off the wagon.". she laughed humorlessly.

" Give me a year to help you. That's all I'm asking, one year and if you want to leave again I'll let you. But you also have to option to stay with me. Please Bells, your my family...", I begged.

" One year, that's all I'm giving you Emmett.", She said with finality.

" One year, now c'mon, let's get you outa here.", I walked forward and pulled her along with me. We arrived at the main house and went inside. Edward was the only one who didn't come to the nightclub. He went hunting instead and he was still hunting. Carlisle and Esme ran downstairs seeing as they heard us.

" We thought you were going to the new Twilight club?", Esme asked curiously.

" We ran into a little problem when we got there.", Jasper replied as Bella scoffed.

" It's my problem, and I like my problem.", she growled. Carlisle and Esme's mouth dropped when they took in Bella's apperance. Her stripper clothes, her makeup, and lastly, her blood red eyes.

" Did you lose control? We can get you back on our diet, everything will be alright.", Esme went to comfort her, but she stepped away.

" I didn't lose control. I did exactly what I wanted to. I like messing with weak little humans, I like the way human blood feels going down my throat. I like causing them pain... I like being a monster.", Bella stated. Esme and Carlisle's mouths dropped. We all nodded at them. Edward decided to come home at that moment. He saw Bella and stopped in his tracks.

" B-bella, your eyes are red. W-why did you do this?", He asked as he stepped forward.

" Because I was bored and thirsty. Thanks to them I only got to drink from one stupid little human and I'll have to go out again soon.", She said angrily.

" We can take you hunting into the woods now, lets go. The sooner we help you from your loss of control the sooner we can comfort you and let you know you aren't the only one.", Edward said soothingly.

" I didn't lose control! I knew what I was doing! I picked him, I wanted him! I wanted him and I drank his blood. I do this every night, but usually I have a little fun with 'em before I kill them. It's all in the thrill. Then I listen as their families cry over them, it brings me amusement.", She laughed humorlessly with a hint of evil. Our parents would be ashamed to hear her speak and do these things.