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Little Cullen

Edward Cullen and his Best Friend Isabella Swan are about to go to college. They decide to try dating before they go. But things go wrong and Edward ends the relationship. When he comes home at christmas for the Cullen- Swan family christmas dinner he brings along his new girlfriend Tanya. What will be the reactions. ALL HUMAN!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything twilight or any thing that is in the real world!

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( Bella's POV)

" Edward, we are going to seperate colleges, why even try?", I asked astounded.

" We've been best friends since we were born Bella! Don't you think we owe it to ourselves to at least try?", He had a grin plastered on his face. We were best friends and neighbors, we had been since elementary school.

" You think we should try dating, maybe even fall in love with eachother but then what happens when we go to college? That's in a couple of months Edward. It won't work out.", I told him.

" Please Bella, I just want to try.", he begged. I couldn't take it anymore. He was about to open his mouth again but I pressed my lips on his to keep him from talking. From there we had a great make out session. I had to admit, it was better than I thought it would be.

We didn't mean to, it was an accident. We took making out to far one night when my parents weren't home and next thing we know we're waking up in my bed ten minutes before my parents get home. Can you guess what we did. It was his birthday, he turned nineteen, so I guess that was his present.

It was a week later he asked to talk to me.

" Bella, I think we should break up. I'm heading to UCLA tomorrow instead of in september. I'm going to get a job and try living on my own.", he told me arrogantly.

" Fine, I don't care. Go early, I told you something like this would happen. I can't believe I thought I was falling for you!", I yelled and he flinched.

" Ok, at least you understand. I'll see you at the Cullen- Swan family christmas, and then on the family reunions.", he shook my hand and walked back into his house.

( Edward's POV)

I was falling for Bella and I was terrified. I was to young to be in love and Bella was really the only girl I talked to. I wanted to go to college and have fun. Not go to college and stay up late hours skyping for a long distance relationship.

" Why Edward?", Emmett aske me. He looked so pissed.

" Because, I want to have fun in college. Not stay in my dorm and worry about a girl at another school.", I growled. Emmett shoved my shoulder as he walked past me. He was going to see his girlfriend and Bella's sister Rosalie. Jasper was already over there with his girlfriend and Bella's other sister Alice. They were triplets, it was funny because so were Em, Jazz and I.

It's now christmas time, my girlfriend Tanya and I were on a plane to Forks for the annual Cullen-Swan family christmas. I would have to face proposing to tanya in front of Bella. Emmett told me to be nice to Bella because she is delicate, so I agreed. Emmett always thought Bella was stong, but he never acted like he did on the phone with me. I guess it's because I haven't seen him in six months.

Tanya and I pulled up to the house, and mom and dad ran out. They grabbed me in a hug. I then saw Bella through the window, she was wearing a sweatshirt that looked a little tight on her. That was strange, i remember that sweatshirt was always to big. I then saw a big guy go and give her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled and hugged him. We went inside and I said hi to everyone except Bella. We avoided eachother until dinner. She sat down by Emmett. I decided to try and find out who that one guy was.

" So um Bella, I saw that guy who was her eearlier. Is he your boyfriend?", the whole table went silent and then everone but tanya and I were laughing.

" Um, no. He's just a friend. He would be here but he's having dinner with his boyfriend Sam tonight.", Bella laughed. Wait did she say boyfriend.

" Boyfriend?", I was sure I had a look of horror on my face.

" Jacob's about as straight as a curly fry.", she laughed.

" Oh.", we were all sitting at the table eating when Bella got up really fast with her hand clamped over her mouth and she ran to the bathroom.

" I thought she was over with that now?", Emmett says.

" Certain food still bother's her Emmett.", Renee, Bella's mother said.

" I know! I am going to go get her a chocolate shake! She'll love that!", Emmett hurry up and grabbed his keys. I had no idea what was going on. Bella came back downstairs and blushed.

" Where's Em?", she asked.

" Getting you a suprise to make you feel better. So Bella thought of any you know... names?", Renee asked.

" Let's not talk about it right now okay.", she growled and then looked at me then back to her hands. Emmett came into the house with a chocolate shake in his hand. Bella laughed and he handed it to her.

" Uncle Eddie, who is she?", my neice Claire asked. Claire was Emmett and Roses two year old daughter. They were sixteen when she was born. She was pointing at Tanya.

" This is my girlfriend Tanya. We go to the same school.", I smiled. Bella's cell phone started to ring. She answered it.

" Hello?" She listened.

" No, Jacob, I'm not using that name."

" Because he's not going to be gay!", she laughed.

" No Jake, goodbye, go have fun with Sam.", she hung up.

" What was the name?", Esme asked with a laugh.

" Samson, I mean really? I know he loves his boyfriend and all but...", she trailed off rolling her eyes as everyone but myself burst into laughter.

" Why are you guys talking about names?", I blurted out and bit my tougue.

" I-I'm W-writing a story. It's a-about a girl, w-who goes to a amusement park and meets the lion king guy.", Bella stuttered. Why was she lying.

" Um, oookay then.", I said looking down at my food.

" Alright kids! Let's get into the living room and see if santa left anything early!", My father Carlisle said. Claire squeeled and ran into the living room.