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Little Cullen

Edward Cullen and his Best Friend Isabella Swan are about to go to college. They decide to try dating before they go. But things go wrong and Edward ends the relationship. When he comes home at christmas for the Cullen- Swan family christmas dinner he brings along his new girlfriend Tanya. What will be the reactions. ALL HUMAN!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything twilight or any thing that is in the real world!

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( Edward's POV)

I was pacing in my room The only thing on my mind was Masen. I couldn't think staight, I was standing at home while my baby boy was sick. Then like god had answered my prayers Bella's number popped up onto my phone screen.

" Bella! Is Masen okay? What's wrong with him?", I shouted.

" Alright calm down. Masen is fine, the doctor's said he just had a cold which lowered his immune system and he got a fever. They sent us home about an hour ago, I wanted to put masen to bed before I called you. Sorry, but congrats on the baby. I'm happy for you and Tanya.", Bella said. It was the least possible thing I was expecting.

" Oh, well thanks.", I felt embarrassed.

" I have an idea, you missed alot during my pregnancy, I have some home movies. You want to come over and watch them?", she suggested.

" Ya, I'll be right over. See ya soon, bye.", I closed the phone and grabbed my keys.

I got to her house and just went inside without knocking. She was grabbing a bunch up dvd's while Masen was in his swing thing watching her.

" Boo!", I said and she jumped. Masen the happy baby laughed.

We talked about Masen for about five minutes and then started the video.

" Oh, come on bella! What's the test say?", emmett had the camera on the bathroom door.

" Emmett, do you have a damn camera on the other side of the door?", she basically guessed.

" Yes, now get your ass out here and show me the damn test!", Emmett yelled. The door opened and Bella stepped out. She flipped the tes tover and started crying.

" Bells! What's wrong?", emmett asked.

" It's positive, I'm pregnant. The father of my baby is your brother who left me for college parties, beer and girls. I'm only eighteen Em. I can't have a baby.", Bella cried.

" Bella, Rose and I were sixteen. Look at our daughter, she's the happiest thing in the world. You'll regret not keeping the baby, I know you will. So, keep it. I'll help you I promise. We'll all support you.", Emmett rubbed bella's back in circles.

" Hey Bella! Watcha doin?", Emmett pointed the camera at her stomach, it wasn't very big but you could see the small bump.

" Well, I am getting ready for a doctor's appointment.", she smiled.

" OOOOO, what's all goin to happen there?", Emmett asked excitedly.

" I am going to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time.", Bella's smile was so big.

" Ok Bells, so today what's happening that I WILL be in the room to record?", Em stared at her stomach. You could definetly tell she was pregnant.

" I'm finding out if my baby is a boy or a girl!", she squeeled.

" I hope it's a girl! Claire needs a girl to play with, she's always trying to dress me up like a prince.", emmett gagged and Bella laughed.

* At the doctor *

" Isabella Swan.", The nurse called and led her down the hallway. About five minutes later a doctor walked in.

" Well, hello Isabella. We're going to make a ultrasonic video, and find out the sex of your baby, so no biggie.", the doctor smiled. He showed Bella the baby's head, hands, and feet.

" It's a boy, congratualtions.", The doctor told Bella who was crying.

" Emmett get that god damn camera off of me", Bella shreiked.

" Wow Bells, I don't remember Claire's birth being this bad. Was it this bad rose?", Emmett pointed the camera towards Rosalie who was holding Bella's hand.

" Yep, but it was easier because I had you there. Bella isn't going to have the father of her baby there so it may be a little harder.", Rosalie instantly made me feel bad.

* 16 long hours later*

Masen's cries filled the room and Esme and Renee's eyes were filled with tears. Bella looked so exausted. She had sweat all over her face and bags under her eyes. But then the whole room lightened up when they handed Masen to Bella.

" Hi Mace! Give mommy a smile", Bella laughed when little masen tried to smile.

" You my beautiful baby are two months old today. Look how big you've gotten.", Bella cooed.

The videos ended and Masen was sleeping again. Bella had tears in her eyes, and my eyes were on her. I thought that we could have been the perfect family if I had never left. But I had Tanya and my soon to be baby now. I couldn't just abandon them.