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Little Cullen

Edward Cullen and his Best Friend Isabella Swan are about to go to college. They decide to try dating before they go. But things go wrong and Edward ends the relationship. When he comes home at christmas for the Cullen- Swan family christmas dinner he brings along his new girlfriend Tanya. What will be the reactions. ALL HUMAN!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything twilight or any thing that is in the real world!

5. 5

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( Edward's POV)

It's august now and Tanya and I were driving up to Forks to see my family. It was a suprisingly nice day. It was eighty degree's outside. As soon as I pulled up to the house I saw Emmett and Bella in the front yard. Emmett was spraying Bella with the hose. Emmett was wearing red swim trunks and bella was wearing a blue and black bikini. If you looked at her right now, you wouldn't know she had a baby. She had lost all of the baby weight, she even had abs.

Tanya had just found out the baby was a girl. I didn't want tanya to get wet so I hurry up and rushed her into the house. The first thing I saw was Claire sitting on the floor with a little baby boy who had bronze hair. I knew it was Masen, he had gotten so big, he was six months old now. Claire handed him a ball and he tried chewing on it.

" No macey! You can't eat my ball. You can play with it but not eat it. I don't want your baby drool on it.", Claire scolded, I chuckled walking into the kitchen where Bella's mom and my mom were.

" Hello Renee, hi mom.", I gave them both hugs. They both glared at Tanya, they didn't like her very much.

" Mom! Emmett got me all wet and Mase is crying, I don't want to get him wet. Will you please take care of him while I go change?", I heard Bella yell. Renee went and brought a crying masen into the kitchen.

" Esme, I think we need the ice man.", Renee said and Esme went to the freazer. She pulled out an icepack that was in the shape of a person and gave it to masen. He put it in his mouth and stopped crying. I knew tha the was getting his first teeth.

Bella walked in then. She was wearing a white tanktop and blue jean short shorts with white flip flops.

" Come here big boy.", Bella picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. She saw me then and smiled.

" Hey, what's up?", she smiled.

" Just coming for a visit. I didn't think you'd be here.", I said.

" Nice to see you too. I'm here because they wanted to go on a picnic and everytime I said no, they yelled and I couldn't take it anymore.", she glared at me.

" Have you put up the guarders in your house bella?", Esme asked.

" Ya, with masen in the house I fugured I better do it as soon as he could get in the crawling position.", everyone laughed. She set Masen on the ground and he crawled into the next room where claire was. I looked at him and was shocked.

" He can crawl?", I asked asounded.

" Yep and he can stand up as long os he's holding onto something.", Bella shocked me even more.

" Ok, enough about that baby and onto mine! It's a girl!", Tanya squeeled. The girls congradulated her. Then claire came into the room holding Masen. It looked like she was about to drop him. I ran and caught him right before he hit the ground. I blew out a relived breath.

" Auntie Bella, I'm sorry I didn't mean it I promise!", Claire started crying.

" It's ok claire, masen is Fine. You didn't hurt him and I'm not mad at you.", Bella touched her little cheeks and hugged her. Bella's breath was still like panting though. Masen was just laughing. Of course he would be the one laughing. Bella let go of Claire and grabbed Masen.

" Why is it you think it's funny?", bella shook her head and smiled.

" Alright, so on the agenda for today is, we are going to the zoo. It's Masen's first time so bring the cameras", Esme said. Bella grabbed the diaper bag and made sure everything was in there.

" Let's go, I just have to go and grab Masey's carseat, Edward, will you hold him while I go get it?", She held Masen out to me. I took him in my arms and smiled. I never wanted to let him go, Bella was back to soon. She put him in his seat and made funny faces at him, he was laughing. It was the best sound in the world to me.

" Hey Belly, is Embry coming?", Emmett wagged his eyebrows.

" No Emmett, and shut up. We are just friends.", Bella growled.

" Ya sure, friends who I just so happen to have caught making out.", Emmett laughed. For some reason this made me angry.

" It was once alright. We are only friends now, I told him we couldn't be together. Besides, he is moving to Florida. And I have a baby, I have to do whats best for my son.", Bella sighed. She walked outside with Masen in his carseat.

" Why the hell would you do that Emmett!?", Esme yelled.

" Mom, come on. She hasn't even went on a date since Edward and her slept together.", Emmett yelled. That made me feel bad.

" Emmett, she's a single mother taking care of her son all alone. She just wants his life to be better than hers. She wants to raise him right so when he's eighteen he doesn't come home telling her that he got his girlfriend pregnant. If she decides not dating is going to help than that's what she's going to do. Do not push her.", Esme scolded.

" Esme, she could get any guy she wants. I mean look at her. I swear if I wasn't married to Rose and have a daughter with her, I would be so going after Bella, even if she has a kid.", Emmett exclaimed.

" Emmett Cullen, do not bring up dating with her again do you understand me?", Esme gave the final warning. Emmett nodded his head and we all left for the zoo.

" Can we go see the fishies?", Claire begged. We all agreed and we walked into the aquarium. Masen was looking wide eyed at all the fish and he smiled.

" Hey baby boy, what are you smiling at?", Bella asked masen. He pointed to the fish.

" Those are fishies.", She told him, he clapped his hands and laughed. We were all getting hungry so we went over to the picnic tables.

" So Bells, what's been going on in your life?", I asked. She was tearing little parts off a cheesestick and feeding them to Masen.

" Um, not much. I basically spend all day with Masen. I have online college, so I don't even have to leave home. Masen started making cute little baby noises.

" Well, that's good. Tanya and I have been thinking of names for our baby girl.", I told her, she nodded and her phone started ringing.

" Hello?", she hit speaker and didn't even look at the number.

" Bella! Hey, we, we need to talk. I have to tell you something really important.", a man said.

" Just tell me now Embry. I'm trying to have a fun day with my family.", bella sighed.

" Fine, Bella, I met a girl and she's really cool but I don't know what to do and I know for a fact she doesn't want to be together and I just want us to try.", he said really fast.

" Just tell her how you feel Embry, if you get rejected, just go find another girl and make a better life with her.", bella said sadly. I had a feeling she was talking from experience.