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Little Cullen

Edward Cullen and his Best Friend Isabella Swan are about to go to college. They decide to try dating before they go. But things go wrong and Edward ends the relationship. When he comes home at christmas for the Cullen- Swan family christmas dinner he brings along his new girlfriend Tanya. What will be the reactions. ALL HUMAN!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything twilight or any thing that is in the real world!

6. 6

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( Edward's POV)

Tanya and I's daughter was born on December third. She looked nothing like me. She had tan skin, blue eyes and black hair. Tanya's family was all blond, and we were both abnormally pale, how could our child be tan? I didn't care though, she was our daughter. Though I hated her name, Tanya had insisted on her last name being Denali. I gave into it.. It sounds like a snobby rich girl name. My daughters name was snobby, my son's name was basically a hand me down. He had both my middle names. Unlike my daughter who didn't even look a little bit like me, her name was Priscilla Paris Denali. I hated her name, but Tanya wanted that as her name and I wasnt going to fight her on it.

We were going down to my parents house for christmas. I was excited for my family to meet Sissy( as I called her). Especially Masen. We had gotten him a toy truck that was big. I couldn't wait until he was able to really play with it. We arrived on december twentyfourth. Masen wasn't there yet.

" Hey mom! Where's Masen? I want him to me Priscilla.", I put the carseat down in the kitchen on a chair and pulled Sissy out.

" Um, sweetie, before you freak out, you need to listen to me.", My mother warned. Was my son sick? What was going on.

" What is it? Is Masen sick?", I felt sick thinking of him being sick.

" NO! He's perfectly fine. But I don't know if he's going to be here today or tomorrow.", Esme was waiting for my reaction.

" Why?", I was beyond pissed.

" Well, Bella was thinking about maybe going to a friends house for chistmas this year instead of here, and she was going to bring Masey with her.", Esme always called him by nicknames unless trying to explain something really serious. Everyone but me called him Mace, Macey or little bear. Little bear was Emmett's favorite.

" What! I'm calling her, take the baby.", I handed the baby to mom. She looked like she didn't want to hold her which made me feel bad.

Bella picked up on the second ring.

" Hello? Masen don't touch that.", I heard her say.

" Bella? Please tell me you're bringing Masen over, I haven't seen him in like five months.", I begged.

" Well, that's your fault isn't it? And yes I'm coming to your parents house. I didn't feel like going out with my friends tonight anyways. I want some quality time with family.", She told me.

" Ok, I want him to meet my daughter.", I told her. There was a silence.

" No, Masen won't be dragged into Tanya's life. I won't allow it. You are allowed to see OUR son, not her. Or any part of her, I'm sorry but no.", she said with a tone of fianality.

" Bells, please. I want both my children in my life along with my best friend and my fiance.", I said.

" We aren't best friends anymore Edward. That ended the day I found out I was pregnant. After that all you were was the father of my son. I told you, we should have never dated. I was right. I don't regret having Masen, but I do regret not waiting until you were sure we were going to get married.", I could practically hear her tears.

" Bella, come on. We are best friends. We have been since we were kids. I love you like a sister.", I was about to cry.

" Look, I am done talking about this. I'm outside the house right now. Goodbye.", she hung up and before I knew it I heard Claire squeel.

" Auntie Bella! Masey! I missed you!", She yelled. I heard Bella laugh.

" Yo Bells! Hand me my nephew! He needs a good game of catch the baby.", Emmett's deep laugh started.

" Hell No! Last time you played that you almost dropped him. He is still fragile you know.", Bella laughed.

" Oh come on bells! It's not like he hasn't ever gotten hurt. Remember last month when he stood up holding onto the table. It resulted in three stitches! That was funny, you were freaking out cause blood was all over.", he laughed again. I heard footsteps coming into the kitchen.

" Bella! Here edward, take your daughter. Now Bella, you hand over that little boy, I have something for him.", Bella rolled her eyes but handed my son over to my mother after my mother handed me my daughter. Bella saw her and her eyes went wide and she made sure tanya wasn't around.

" You know, I'm not jealous or anything. I'm just speaking my mind here, so don't get mad at me. That kid is not your daughter. She looks nothing like you. She should be pale, not tan and she definetly shouldn't have black hair. Plus, why do you think Tanya's never let you see her birth certificate, or why she has Tanya's last name.", Bella raised an eyebrow. We had been in the same room for five minutes and we were already fighting.

" She is my daughter. You are jealous because I had a baby with Tanya and actually was there for her.", I instantly regretted saying that. Bella's face went blank and mom sucked in a gasp. Bella took deep breaths.

" Put it this way. Your son, who you have seen a total of three times, no two, I was pregnant the first time. Your son has your last name, your daughter who I'm sure you've spent every waking moment with, does not.", She walked out of the room and started talking with Emmett.

" Hey bells lift up your shirt.", Emmett laughed.

" Um, ok, why?", I saw Emmett poke her stomach.

" Well, cause I haven't seen you that pissed since you were pregnant, so I looked and you aren't. Wait, you aren't are you?", Emmett laughed. Esme chuckled and I looked in disbelief.

" No Em, I'm good with one child. Besides, he is so tiring right now. Oh Esme guess what!", Bella ran back to the kitchen looking happier than ever.

" Wow, what is it Bella?", she asked but I was wondering how Bella's mood changed so fast.

" Masen said his first word! It was 'Mama'! The doctor said babies don't usually talk until around one year but he did it!", Esme started crying when bella told her.

" My favorite grandson is growing up to fast.", Esme kissed his cheek.

" Mama!", Masen reached out to Bella. She took him expertley. I was amazed. My nine month old son was starting to talk. The rest of the Swans got there then. Everbody ignored Tanya and Priscilla, she wasn't happy about that.

" Hey um Bella. Can I talk to you?", Alice hesitated. Bella nodded and handed Renee Masen. Bella followed Alice upstairs. I being a eavesdropper followed.

Bella, I don't know how to tell mom and Dad., I heard alice say.

Alice, I told them and Edward wasn't even there. Jazz will be there and you two are married. I know you want to tell them about the babies so just get it off your chest., Bella hesitantly told her.

Bella it's not like you though. You only had one baby. I'm having twins!, she growled.

Alright, when are you going to tell mom and dad about you?, Alice counterd.

Alice, I'm moving, I'm not staying in Forks and having a baby., Bella sighed.

Ya, and you're taking Masen with you. You are moving to Arizona. It's not like you're moving to Seattle.,

Bella was moving? And taking my son with her?