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Little Cullen

Edward Cullen and his Best Friend Isabella Swan are about to go to college. They decide to try dating before they go. But things go wrong and Edward ends the relationship. When he comes home at christmas for the Cullen- Swan family christmas dinner he brings along his new girlfriend Tanya. What will be the reactions. ALL HUMAN!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything twilight or any thing that is in the real world!

7. 7

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( Bella's POV) I knew it was wrong to wait and tell my parents about my opprtunity to go to Arizona and study there. I just didn't want to jinx anything. Then the call came and I didn't get the spot. Alice just assumed I had it. So I wasn't moving, I was staying in Seattle. We walked down the stairs and heard Edward and Tanya arguing with the family. " You guys are always favoring Bella and Masen! It's like you don't care about tayna and Prissilla! I'm marrying Tanya and I have a daughter! You need to start treating them like family!", Edward yelled. I heard masen crying and ran down the stairs. I grabbed my baby and looked him over. He had tears in his eyes and his face was all red from crying. " What the hell is going on?", I demanded. " So, how's the packing going Bella? I hear your moving to Arizona and taking my son with you.", Edward growled. Everyone was staring at me. I took a deep breath and stood up. " A month ago I got a call about an open position at Arizona university. I got a call yesterday saying the postition had been filled. I wasn't going to tell anyone in case I didn't get in and big shocker I didn't get in! That is why I didn't tell anyone! So Edward next time you may want to go directly to me when it deals with something about my life", I growled.