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Farewell, Forks

Please review or rate! The Cullens, Jacob, and Seth move to New Hampshire, where a new vampire comes into their life; but not before a devastating car accident alters Bella's family forever. EXCERPT: Edward sat back down on the bed next to me, and held the neatly-wrapped package out to his daughter. “This is from your mother and me; happy birthday,” he said gently. While her eyes were transfixed on the package, I shot him a silent thought. What is this? He just smiled and left me hanging. Renesmee slowly turned and walked towards the package, thrilled at the prospect of an unexpected treasure. She took the box and carefully untied the ribbon. When she lifted the top of the box, she revealed a stunning gem in the shape of a heart. It was identical to the one Edward gave me after graduation, but instead of a flawless and colorless diamond charm meant for a bracelet, it was a blood red ruby attached to a delicate, silver chain and meant to be worn around her neck.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Bella's POV

2. Renesmee

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In the blink of an eye, the bed was made and we were casually propped up against the headboard with books in our laps.

“Come in, sweetheart,” said Edward.

The bedroom door swung open.

Our daughter, Renesmee, stood there holding on to the doorknob. She was a perfect blend of Edward and me, with the shape and color of my human eyes, the blush of my human cheeks, my father Charlie’s curly hair, and Edward’s long, lean frame.

“What do you think?” Renesmee asked excitedly as she spun around in her birthday outfit, ordered directly from Paris by Alice.

She looked like a child out of a 19th century French painting. My daughter’s long, curly bronze hair spiraled around her as she spun. It was her third birthday, and Alice had been planning today’s party for weeks.

I knew I should be used to the fact that age and appearance have nothing to do with each other when living among vampires and werewolves. Physically frozen in our seventeenth and eighteenth years, Edward was technically 113, and I was almost 22.

Still, it felt strange to think of Renesmee as three. My hazy human memories of how a three year old should look and act did not go along with this long, lithe, smart and mischievous child who was almost four feet tall and could pass for 7 or 8.

“Renesmee, you look beautiful! Happy Birthday, baby,” I said, smiling widely at my daughter.

She jumped on the bed to hug me. “Thanks, mom. Today is going to be so much fun.” She nuzzled my neck with her cheek and then looked over at her father. “What’s wrong, Dad?

Edward wiped a worried, confused look from his face and took in the sight of me with our daughter.

Up until just a few hours before Renesmee’s birth, Edward was convinced that the child growing inside of me was a monster, a terrible mistake that must be destroyed before it destroyed me.

Although I fought fiercely to keep our unborn child growing inside of me, a part of me understood his fear – not that it changed my decision to keep her. Of the very few myths and legends he could find about half human, half vampire children, none of them included a happy ending where the mother survived the violent birth.

Fortunately, my will was enough to save our child, and his venom was enough to save my battered and broken body.

Edward smiled softly and winked at me. “Who is this little lady?”

Renesmee looked at me wickedly.

I shrugged, playing along.

Edward then tapped her on her chest. “Ness, are you in there? What did you do with my little girl?”

Renesmee giggled and worked her way in between us. I felt the heat of her skin, and heard her excitement in her heartbeat. “I’ve only grown a quarter inch in the past month, Dad. Grandpa Carlisle says that when I’m done, I’ll be taller than mom,” she said proudly, holding her hand up high, “but not as tall as you.” She lowered her hand to demonstrate what she meant.

Edward shook his head. “Well, you look beautiful. Alice is going to be very excited to see you when you get to the house. She’s been waiting for you.”

“She’s waiting for me already? It’s only six!”

Edward glanced at me with a devious smile. “Oh, I know what time it is.” He looked back at her, “What are you doing up so early? Are you excited for the party?”

“Of course,” she trilled as she jumped off the bed.

She spun in more circles. “Alice’s parties are amazing, and this one is for me! Me, me, me, me, ME! It’s so exciting!” She stopped spinning and looked thoughtful. “Well, I suppose the party is technically two things: my birthday party and our going away party, but still!” She spun in another circle and shrieked. “I CAN’T WAIT!”

Edward and I laughed at her antics. Her excitement was always infectious.

She suddenly remembered his first question. “Oh, and I’ve been getting up by five or six for a couple months now. Since you and mom are always in here until seven, I just lie in bed and read until you get up.”

I laughed at the irony. “And all this time we thought we were waiting on you!”

I glanced over at Edward, and I saw the same look of confusion on his face. Whatis he going on about? I wondered.

“Renesmee, which book are you reading?” I asked.

Where The Red Fern Grows. It’s great! It’s about a boy with two of the greatest dogs ever, Old Dan and Little Ann, and their bond is stronger than anything else in the whole entire world, and they all hunt together, and save each other when they get into trouble.”

Well, there was no wondering why this book appealed to her, given that her two favorite hunting partners could turn into wolves whenever they wanted. I just hoped she could handle the rest of the story.

I brushed my fingers through Renesmee’s hair. “It sounds like a great story, Renesmee.”

We took a few minutes to just cuddle as a family.

“Hey,” I finally said to her, “since you’re all ready to go, why don’t you run up to the house? We’ll be just a couple minutes behind you.”

She smiled wide in relief. Like any other child in the world, she could hardly wait for her birthday to begin. “Okay! See ya!”

“Just remember, we have guests. Don’t run too fast,” I reminded her.

As she turned to go, Edward stopped her. “Ness, wait.”

She froze mid stride, and turned her head back to us. “Yes?”