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Popup introduction animation

We all know business animations are popular and ever so informative, that’s why we love them, so now try to make your animation popup on your main page, flashing on the viewer’s computer, catching their total attention. Who doesn’t want an engaged audience? This can be done, it’s quite simple, but first you need some sort of animated content. There’s something to remember though, a popup introduction is much different than an animated web video, because well, an introduction simply is not a video. You don’t want to bombard your viewer with a two minute long video about your product, instead you want to keep it short and simple, and totally sweet.

Use your introduction to say hello to the viewer, tell them a little bit about your business, like where you are located and drop in your slogan or motto in the end. Totally simple, completely effective.

1. Animation series

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Animations are fun for everyone, and it will give your website a cool new advantage over your competitors, because let’s face it, how many webpages do you know that have popup animations? Probably not that many.

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