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A hidden heart

All human: Bella swan is 15 1/2 and just got her permit. Renee and Charlie are married still, and Renee takes Bella driving. While Bella is in the driver's seat, a drunk driver hits the car. Renee dies, and Charlie hates Bella and blames her. Two and a half years later Bella considers the neighbors her family, that is until she realizes she's in love with their son. Bella can't tell him for two reasons, first, he claims to be in love with the most popular girl at school and second, she doesn't want anyone else she loves torn away from her. Will Bella and the neighbor get together? Will Bella ever be happy again?

Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight saga

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( Bella's POV)

I was so excited, mom was taking me driving for the first time! I just got my permit and was incredebly happy. We had just gotten new neighbors, The cullens. They had three kids, Emmett, Edward and Alice. Emmett and Edward were twins, while Alice was just three years old.

" Let's go Bells.", My mom, Renee had handed me the car keys. I squeeled and ran to the car. I made sure I could see everything. I had hoped this would go without a hitch.

We were sitting at a redlight. It happened so fast I couldn't comprehend it. A car hit us on mom's side, and our car flipped over. I couldn't recall anything else because I had blacked out. I woke up to the sounds of my father arguing with the doctor.

" Dr. Cullen, my wife has just died. She died because my daughter was stupid and irresponsible. Stop trying to blame the other driver.", My father growled.

" Cheif Swan, Bella and Renee were stopped at a red light. A drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit your car. None of this is Isabella's fault. She is going to be in pain, she'll need someone to comfort her. Added to her injuries, her mother has just died. You need to be there for her.", the doctor pleaded. I knew this doctor was our new neighbor. I remembered his voice.

" Carlisle, my daughter was in the driver's seat, she is responsable. I'm not taking it any other way, so stop trying to convince me.", Dad said with finality. It broke my heart, not only had I lost my mother, but now my father hated me as well.