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A hidden heart

All human: Bella swan is 15 1/2 and just got her permit. Renee and Charlie are married still, and Renee takes Bella driving. While Bella is in the driver's seat, a drunk driver hits the car. Renee dies, and Charlie hates Bella and blames her. Two and a half years later Bella considers the neighbors her family, that is until she realizes she's in love with their son. Bella can't tell him for two reasons, first, he claims to be in love with the most popular girl at school and second, she doesn't want anyone else she loves torn away from her. Will Bella and the neighbor get together? Will Bella ever be happy again?

Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight saga

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)


My life was turned upside down after my mom died. Not two months after the accident Charlie ( I refused to even call him my father ) remarried. Now he has a one year old son, Darren, and a snobby wife, Gwendolyn or Gwen. I hated it. It wasn't my family. After the accident, my neighbors became my family for more than one reason. First, they basically came over everyday to see how I was. Second, when I went back to school they kept everyone who could hurt my feelings, away from me. And third, they let me stay with them while Charlie, Gwen and Darren went on family vacations, which were once every month. I hated not being a part of my own family, I'd contemplated suicide, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I almost ran away, but then I realized I had no where to go. My life was hell, I hated it and yet it kept coming at me from all sides.

" Bella, did you get your homework done?", Esme, dr. Cullen's wife asked. I nodded. It was friday night and I was going to a party.

" Ya I did. I'm gonna spend the night at my house tonight if that's okay. I know dad and...... Gwen won't be home until next week but I feel like being at home.", I didn't want esme to see me drunk. She was a mother to me and Carlisle had taken the place of my father who hated me.

" Are you sure?", Esme asked. Sometimes I would accidentally call her mom or call carlisle Dad. It was an accident, they loved me more than my dad did, and my mom was dead. Plus Gwen would never be my mother.

" Ya, I have.... plans tonight.", I avoided her gaze.

" Isabella, please, do not come back drunk and high. I know that's how you let things out, but sweety, it's not healthy.", Esme touched my cheek. A tear slid down and she wiped it away.

" I know, it's jsut, my mom is dead and my dad hates me. I've contemplated killing myself. Surley this is alot safer than that.", I took a deep breath,

" Bella, I don't hate you, Carlisle doesn't hate you and the kids don't hate you. We all love you very much, you're a daughter to us.", Esme was crying now too.