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like father like daughter

Renesmee Cullen has never known her father she lives in the small town of Duquin Illinois with her mother.She has never rely felt like she belonged and knows her mother is hiding something.she knows she must have a father but who shes different then everyone else she knows that much.how will she find the one person she desperately needs.


1. breaking

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i looked in the trunk in her room the one she dident know i found.she kep it in her clossit and one day when i was hunting for christmas pressents i found it.only problem was it was loked and neded a key.i lokked everywere and culdent find it untill oneday she gave me a key neckless for a pressent.

"ness she said this shoes that you have the key to your hart and one day youll give it away to somone just be carful who you giive it to."

i relized a month latter that this key fits the trunk.i still dont know if she knows i`v found it yet but i gess she wants me to, somting inportant is in this tunk. but what?.my mom is a social worker for kids in bad home situations so she works crazy hours.she will be gone for the better part oft he night leving me to myself.I took the key and turned it in the loke.and the procedded to lift the lid insid the trunk was picturs , Cds ,letters and a lockit that had my name on it and was in the shape of a circul it looked old like hundred of years old.I opend it and found a piture of my mother on one side and one of a young lokking man on the other.this man must be my father becuse i can see the resemblence between us.i picked up a letter adresed to my mother.

Dear Bella,

im sorry to say i cant mack things better i wish i could but you know the risk i will write you when its time and send you the key we should let her figure it out so its not such a shock to her. i long to hold you in my arms again my love i hope you know how much i love you and miss you both.my father will cum up and wach over you to as her Doctor haes found a way to slow the growing.jasper and emmet are bulding a army to distroy the volturi as always burn this letter once youv read it.

with all my love edward.

waight how come mom didnot burn this letter there were moor just like it.dozones then there was one to me.

Dear Renesmee ,

if you are reding this then it is time you know about me im your father plese know that i left you alone all these years for your safty .

ps.i lovre you and long to meet you some time.

i couldent belive him my mom gets this mussy letter and i get tow sentesnse the nerve of him.well i could car less about him she shut the trunk and went to her living room werar she found she had visitors.they kinda reminded her of her mother odd she only new of her grandpa and granma no other relitives frome her mother that she new.

"who are you and why are you in my house"

"oh your mom didint tell you your comming with us"

a rush of anger came trught me

"no im not i dont even know you"

all of a sudden i felt come why

"ok im alice a short girl with spiky bron hair said this is rose she pointed to this blond girl thats emment she pointed out the frekisly large guy and thise her is jasper se pointed to the guy with wild blond hair.'

"well great knowing your namse totoly helps cus i still havent got a clue who you are."

"were culluns"

"what is that some kind of cult"

"wow she relly dosint know aneyting"said emmet

"okay girl" rose started "whoise your father"

"some dick named edward"

all their eys about pooped out of their heads.

i was relly angery know and again felt myself suddenly calm.

"well yes he is edward cullun our brother know he relly didnt want to leave you all thhis years but its not sae for all three of you to be togeter but know your going with him and your moms hidding becus the volturi are on to you to.so go grab yourself a book bag put to stes of clotes in their and aneyting you might need if you have a aney sentalmetal items you want do you have a phone.?"

"yeah why"

"may i see it"

"umm i gess just let me respont to jarad"

"not enuff time"she took the phone and smashed it"

"hey what the hell"

"to eassy to be traced on know go get that bag weve got five minnuts."

i ran to my room grabed my diary a picture of my mom is tille ha the to neckess in my had i put the key around my neck and the lockit in may bage and sliped my ipod into the bottom underneth all my cloths .i took a minute to look around my room i would miss it.i sumhow new id be safe with these people somhow i new they werent lying so here i was about to leave with complet and totl strangers.and on my way out i grabed my notebook and sliped it in my bage.