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like father like daughter

Renesmee Cullen has never known her father she lives in the small town of Duquin Illinois with her mother.She has never rely felt like she belonged and knows her mother is hiding something.she knows she must have a father but who shes different then everyone else she knows that much.how will she find the one person she desperately needs.


2. we thought you should know

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after six hours of driving they finally got off the exit and we stoped at a hotell.were they all insisted i look in the tunk their were pictures of us as a family and a cd that had songs my father had composed.non of it changed my mindi haterd my father though i did keep his letters to my mom i could tell he loved her.they told me my father would be her in an houre and then id go with him.i showerd and changed and then sat on the bed weighting to meet the one person i did not ever want to meet.i missed jarad id havent even told aneyone my secret not even my mom and know i was going witht the father i never new how would he react this was bad.If their was one thing i understood it was that my father was lodded i could essily lift the money off him and he wouldnt miss it.then i tack care of this little problem.i was starting to get verry hungry.

"hey is aneyone eles hungry they all looked shocked"

"she dosent know at all "emmet said

"know what "

"how she lived with one"rose qestioned

"maby to protect her jasper commited"

"what dont i fukin know"

"languge young laddy "

i turned around to see knon other than Edward Cullun my father.

"who the hell do you think you are to tell me wahat i can and cannot say."

"well to satart im your father"

"yah a father who hasent been there for the last fifteen years"

"Renesmee i had to leave for your safty did you see the trunk"

"yeah i get it you loved my mom and hated me."

"no i did not i loved you i do love you"

she never relly new she could do it untill know but he thought it would one day happen.

i hate you she tohught and pused it into his mnd he didnt have to read her ind he just felt it was frome her much like when she showed somone her thoughts as a girl only moor developet.

"wow youv devolupet your talnt well"

"what talent"

"dont you know you canshow people you thoughts by tocing them and you just pussed thoughts on me ."

"what i cannot im not some freack "

"no your half vampirer"

"what im a vampire you mother was human when she had you shes turned know im surprised she kep it from you."

"whatever we should go"yep come on thanks guys good luck saty in touch."
he said to his brothers and sisters .

he led me to his car wich was a bright red farrai talk about getting attention.

so we live about three hours frome her well stop and get you food in an houre wev got to get moving weve got a lot to talk about so listion.

"i have rules even thought iv never met you befour dosent mean youll get off with whatever you want.you will respect me as your father i understand its been hard on you grwoing up withought a father bouht iv been without you and your mother to also you have to tell me where you are at all times when you go places your curfue on school nights is nine and wekends ninthirty.umm mom let me saty out till weenever on everynight.i dont relly care i mack the rules here.no lying or steling and i should hope this gose with out saying keep the family secret you know the vampire thing"

".Sure sure."

"hey youv meet jack"


"whose that.Whered you hear the exspression."

"mom why whos jack"

"a old frind who said that"


"so ness tell me about yourslef"

"well i sing well did in my school chior i dand well did for my school and at a studio i play paino, flute and violen and i am a relly good cook i had a messed up chilodhood with one parent who worrked all the time so i pretty much was left to femd for my self i was well am well i dont know anymoor dating this guy from back home.oh i was head chealede on my squad at scholl.oh and i have a dick for a fahter did i leav that out."

"l understand your mad but if i hear one moor cuss word out of you ill was your mouth with soap."

"im fifteen"

"you say that like it makes a diffrence"


"no you need to cheek your attitudeiv explaned to you why i left and im sue you know why you were indanger."

"yep cus im some half vampire humman thing"

"yes so cute me some slack im trying herar did you not gat my letter"

"yep all tow sentenses"

"well i dident know whateles to say"

"oh i dont know maby an expalntion would of been nice i dident even know what i was then"

"wel i asummed your mom would"

"ha she barly even talkes to me"

"i cannot imagin that in her letters she sounded even moor found of you in each one shes always fought for you extra hard"

"well i gess tomany secretas got in the way"i snapped

"what do you want to eat"

"im not hungry"

"i was litterly felling like i would puck so food was out"

he dident push it just keep drving

i dont know when but i fall asleep and when i waoke up i was being carried to what i assumed to be my bedroom.he laid me on the bed and put the covers over me.i cheked the clook to see that it was one in the morning.

"i love you renesmee carllie cullun you must know that i understand your mad but deep down you love me to do you rember me frome when you wer younger"

"no i dont rember aney off it"she said a tear falling frome her eys i gently wiped it away.

and got up to leave




"for what"


"no problem sweaty what are dads for"

i nwe it hurt him for me to call him edward but deep down i just wasent ready to call him my father i was still angey crazy as that sounds.

i wook up the next morning and quicly ran to the bathroom where i vometed once i reached the tolit.i new i had to tack care of this thing and quick.i thought off the night it happend.i dident know what to mack off it he was suposed to be my boyfrind he new i wasnet reddy but he made me told me it was my fualt he had to forse me.he told me that i was a basterd so there was no reson to weight.except my parents were married when they had me.all the times he had hit me but i stayed with him.i gess some attention was beter than non wright after brusing my teth i went down stairs.

"you okay'he asked

'yeah i just dont fell to well probly fome being in the car so long"

"ok well you know we should tack you to the doctor mack sure your in good helth seince i dont know your record exspecialy if you think your comming down with somting."

"No"i shouted


"well its just um i am sure its noting and i will be fine "

"well okay im going to sing you up for school wanna come"

"do i need to be there"

"no"he shook his head

"thank no"

"theres food in the fridge"


"hey leave pattsuim ot of this"


"what you get in science last year"


"what how"

"i skipped alot"

"wow um well i better not find out about you doing that hear"

"why "

"becuse school is inportant"

"yep oksy by"

i knew i was rude but guys wernt my favorit species yes they were there own specise acording to me.

i relly haent eten in a couple moths maby a little somting hear and there but i found that i was a bit chunky so i gess i just stoped eating.i found my dad had some mony in a coffy can in the cobord i took some out ithen found he hadent taken his car.i grabed the keys and dreove i havd looked up the adress for the clinic so i new how to get there.i pulled in and went to the front desk .

"name plese"the laddy asked

"renesmee cullun"

"ahh umm miss somone id asume the father is weigthing over there"

"oh great she thought my father was my baby daddy how did he know"

"nope i dont know him"

he then walked over and gave me a pointed look

"Renesmee lets talk about this he said gently but fermly grabing my arm"
he walked me out to the car which we both got into and then looked at me.


"well i was going to get an abothion"

"yell yes i did gather that much thank you lets see your fiften so you drove my car illigualy and you stole money frome me lets ignore the fact that you stole my care and your pregnet and didnt bother to tell me"

"well what whas the point imgetting rid of it"

"no your not ,jniw im callin gmy father hell have to come and mack sure your in good health."

"i dont want the baby"

"do you relize if they tride to give you an abortion they would esilly find out the secret"

"no iv always goe to a normal doctor"

"yes but he was my father and did a lot of the stuf under the table"

"im sorry i didnt know that but i cant keep this baby"


"it hurts me to much"

"ness were you forced into it with your boy frind."

i tried not to but i started crying.

he pulled me into a hug the and sutingly rubed my back.

"my boyfrind said he had to force me that it was my fault he told me that becuse i was a basterd it didnt mack sense to weight."

"no it is not your fault he just used that as an excuse okay your not a basterd actoly which you knowand know one will beat you again."

"howed you know"

"i read minds"

"of corse you do"

"look wev got a lot to talk about but lets go home you need to eat"

"umm i relly dont"


"i dont eat escept the acasional craker"


"im fat"

"your a size three"

"exactly fat"

"comon your eating end of story youv got a baby to support"

"i dont want to keep it"

"well im sorry but you have to dont worry sweaty your not alone in this"


"hey leave"

"okay no sience jokes plese"

"hahahah fine ill bariun"


"nevermind lets go home"

i somhow felt that for now on things would be diffrent between us