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Never ending Story

At age 13 Bella was bitten by an unknown vampire named Halix. He felt bad for biting her at such a young age and decided to allow her to continue to live With Charlie and Rene until she graduated high school, so he gave her an amulet to postpone the transformation. When she were to graduate high school Halix was to come for her and take her to start a coven to over throw the Voltori. If her amulet were to ever be taken off the transformation would continue. She was bitten purely for the fact that it was sensed as a vampire she would be very powerful, But what happens when Halix falls in love with her, and what happens when she fall for a mysterious Edward Cullen? Will she be kidnapped and force to love Halix or will she willingly love for Edward Cullen?


1. A Never Ending Story

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I sat in my room looking out my window thinking of how much I am going to miss Rene and my human life. Ever since Halix bit me when I was thirteen my life has been a constant worry. Halix is a nomad vampire that sensed I was going to have some great power as a vampire so he bit me. He wanted to start a powerful coven but he wanted me specifically. So when he bit me my parents came home. Rene and I were in California visiting with Charlie since I hated Forks. He explained to Charlie and Rene what was happening and they begged him to stop it and wait until I was at least out of high school. Knowing he couldn’t stop the transformation he gave me an amulet necklace that stopped the transformation but the venom still lingers in my veins. He said he would keep watch and when I graduated high school he was coming for me.

Moving in With Charlie wasn’t so bad the one thing I loved about Charlie was that he didn’t hover. Charlie my dad and Forks chief police wanted me to come spend my last years with him before the time has come for me to be taken away forever. I really wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t hate Forks so much. As I walked down the stairs I heard Charlie about to leave for the day. “Hey dad” I said as I entered the kitchen.

“Hey Bells, did you get enough sleep last night?” Charlie grumbled while putting on his work boots.

“No, not really I guess I have to get use to the rain” I replied.

“Well you’ll get use to that after a while. Hey I’m going to head out and go to the station early; do you want me to stay and see you off to School”

“No I’m fine thanks Charlie”

With that he walked out the house and left for work. I know Charlie tried not to mention how much it would hurt him when I left for good, but you could see it in his eyes when he sometimes looked at me. I quickly swallowed a granola bar and left for school. A half human, half vampire teenage girl going to high school what a mix. Every once in a while I got a craving for blood but I ignored the craving as best as I could but I felt one coming. As I pulled into the school parking lot I realized I was a little early. I took this opportunity to go get my class schedule from the office. As I walked in a warm looking lady with red hair was at the front desk with a mountain of papers. “Hi, I’m Isabella swan this is my first day here” I said.

“Oh hi we’ve been waiting for you Isabella” she said looking a little shy. I could smell the sweetness of her blood and it made my mouth water. I wondered if this was what all vampires felt like all the time.

“Oh sorry I go by just Bella” I whispered

“Huh, oh okay dear. Here’s your slip make sure to have all of your teachers sign it, here’s your schedule and a map. Best of luck to you and come by the office later today to turn in your slip.”

As I took my things I saw that it started to lightly sprinkle outside. I ran to my warm truck and took a look at the map so that I didn’t look like such a lost nerd trying to find her way to class. Cars started to fill the parking lot so I thought it would be best if I get on my way to class. I hoped out the truck cabin and made my way to my first class of the day, English.

As I entered a boy with black hair and glasses came up to me. “You must be Isabella Swan, right?” he asked.

“Ummm, just Bella” I said while offering my hand. He gladly took it.

“Well my name is Eric I’m the eyes and ears at this school.”

Great just what I need someone over helpful to bombard me. “Hey how about you come sit with me and my friends to day at lunch.” He so bravely asked

“Umm, sure” I said by then my teacher had already signed my slip and I was walking towards my seat. “Hi, I’m Mike Newton you must be Isabella?” a boy with blonde hair blue eyes with a round face said to me with a little too much excitement.

“Just Bella, hi nice to meet you.”

Class went by as blur. We were reading Romeo and Juliet and I happen to know the whole story front to back; which gave me plenty of time to let my mind wonder. Walking down the hallway I almost tripped over my own feet.

Trigonometry was making sense at the moment I had already learned this at my old school in Phoenix. I walked into the cafeteria and got my lunch. I spotted the two boys that I met in my biology class and walked over to their table. I sat down and all eyes averted to me. “Hey Bella.” The boy I remembered to be mike said.

“Hey.” I sheepishly replied.

“Hey you guys this is Isabella but she goes by Bella” Eric announced.

I heard an assortment of hellos from many of the people around the table. One of the boys Mike Newton started asking me questions about Arizona, some of my classes and why I wasn’t tan; That I couldn’t answer because during the transformation my pigment was slowly drained, not that I was even that tan before. A girl with brown curly hair that was sitting next to me jumped in the conversation. She must have been jealous by the looks of it. “Hi, I’m Jessica.” Jessica the girl said.

“That’s Angela and Lauren” she introduced.

They both gave me another hello and a small smile. A soon as I finished giving another hello at the far end of the cafeteria the doors leading from outside opened. In walked two really pale people with yellow eyes. One was small and pixie like. The other was tall and a little lean with a look of pain on his face. The next two that walked in was a pale blond with the look of nonchalance on her face, and next to her was a really buff looking guy with curly black hair. Last but not least a boy with tousled bronze hair with a slight build walked into the room. “Who are they” I just had to ask.

“Who, oh those are the Cullen’s. The girl with the black hair is Alice; the boy next to her with the blonde hair is jasper. The really gorgeous blonde is Rosalie and the big guy is Emmett.” As she said this she pointed to each one.

“Who’s the boy with the bronze hair?” another question I just had to ask.

“Oh that’s Edward Cullen.” She said his name a certain way but I didn’t give it much thought.

“Don’t waste your time he doesn’t date” she said.

“Wasn’t planning to”

Just as I said this he looked my way and we locked eyes. I looked down and I just knew I was blushing like crazy. I continued lunch like this; making small talk with my new friends and every so often sneaking a look at Edward Cullen. After lunch I had Biology. In Arizona I was in special placement because I just had the extra brain smarts. I walked into the Biology room and handed my teacher the slip I was supposed to get signed. As I did this I scanned the class I saw Mike from lunch and I also saw that the only other seat that was open was by Edward Cullen. The teacher signed my slip and assigned me a Biology book. I walked down the aisle and pretty much fell into my seat. As soon as I got situated I saw Edward gripping the end of the table and he was leaning away from me. That’s how class went but I just couldn’t figure out why Edward was leaning away from me like that; I didn’t smell.

After Bio was gym. The coach signed my slip and said I didn’t need to dress out today since I was new. I didn’t really care I was good at sports ever since getting bitten a lot of things have change. Like for example I need less sleep, I eat differently, I have better balance and I’m super smart. When gym was done I walked outside and got into my truck. I started my monstrous engine and headed down the road going home. On the way I picked up some groceries because Charlie had little. He didn’t know how to cook I did so I really didn’t mind making dinner for him. On my way home I started thinking about the Cullens. They had to be vampires but their eyes are yellow. It boggled my mind to no extent but I was sure of one fact: they are to be vampires.

I went home after a little food shopping and started on dinner. While I waited for the chicken to finish baking I went upstairs and did my homework. While doing my homework I realized I was thirsty. Not an ‘I need some water thirsty’ but a ‘blood’ thirsty. Being thirsty took me to a flashback when I was in Phoenix I was fighting the thirst and I attacked Rene. I bit her and started drinking. I’m not venomous which is good and I stopped as soon as I realized what I was doing. Not only do I have thirst, but I have speed not vampire speed but I have non-human speed and strength. Just then Charlie came home. I was worried about being around him seeing as how I was thirsty. I took the chicken out the oven and made a plate for Charlie. “Hey Bells how your day was at school?”

Oh my Charlie smelled pretty edible right now but I knew I couldn’t. “Um it was fine I made some new friends; Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Jessica Stanley and Angela Webber.” I replied. I knew there was someone else but I couldn’t remember her name.

I sat his plate down in front of him. I didn’t bother fixing me a plate knowing I wasn’t hungry. “Thanks Bells, you’re not eating?”

“No I’m not really ‘hungry’” I said making air quotes with my fingers.

As soon as I said this he got what I was saying. As I looked at the look of comprehension on his face my eyes drifted to his neck and I imagined drinking his blood. Abruptly I jumped out my seat and ran out the house. I stood in the drive way behind my truck and took in deep breathes through my mouth. During my process of trying to calm my breathing I felt as If I were being watched by multiple pairs of eyes. I kept breathing trying to calm myself when I felt an unnatural breeze from behind me. I spun around only to find some bushes swaying lightly. When I turned back around someone was standing in front of me; not just someone but a vampire. My heart beat quickened and adrenaline was pulsing through my veins. This was someone I definitely wasn’t expecting to see. Did I run did, did I scream? Or did I just wait to see what my Fate was.