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like father like daughter

Renesmee Cullen has never known her father she lives in the small town of Duquin Illinois with her mother.She has never rely felt like she belonged and knows her mother is hiding something.she knows she must have a father but who shes different then everyone else she knows that much.how will she find the one person she desperately needs.


3. so yeah i guess i forgive you

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He actoly made me mac and chess and made me eat every bite.well it actoly was a small bowl but cunsiduring what i normaly ate it was a lot and i was stuffed.

"we need to talk"

i nodded and he led me into the lviing room and we sat on the couch

"so tell me about your life with your mom"

"well it was empty she worked all the time and i had all my school activities and my boyfrind and frinds.

"are you still mad at me for not being around"

"i duno not you i gess just the situation i mean i never new my father and maby if he was there i wouduv mown my mom and dad."

"i think us being seperated brings up bad memories for her from the time i left her."

"you left her why you to were so in love"

"we are in love and it was for her safty"

"wow you should relly stop leaving for peoples safty"

"yeah maby"

"the inportanting is she protected and sheilded you"

of cours i know new just exactly what power each of my family mebers had and my mom could shiled wich is why i was with her untill she started slipping and putting me in danger"

i felt like ther was somting i didnt know but what what was relly up with my mom and what did Edwad know about it"

the next day i woke up to see my fahter standing over me

"morning sleepy head"

"hey whats up"

"your aunt alic is here to tack you shopping you need clots and then your going to see my father and then weve got to go redgister you for school"

"just five moor minuts"

"nope dont mack me poor watter on you"you wouldent"

he simply left the room i figured hed come back in five moor minuts insted he cam in thirty seconds dummping a buckit of watter over me"

"what the hell"i yelled

"language Renesmee

"you fukin dumped watter on me"

"i told you i would know come on he said puling my arm leading me into the bathroom grabing the bar of soap and putting it in my mouth."

who did he think he was i thought

"your father"

right the whole reading minds thing shit

"language"he yeled

sorry i thought its just a fu um friking habbit

"slan for faul language is the same as using the word"

wow he sounded proper

"yeah well you sound like a uneducated poor person who has no respect for herslf or others"

k i should stope thinking know

"yeah you shiuld"\

after five minuts he finaly took the soap out of her mouth

"i relly dont want to hear out loud or in your mind aneymoor cussing so i sujest you get a hold of it becuse nesxt time your punisment will be way moor savear"

"sure sure"

"well dont just stand theirgo get ready "