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Alice and Edward Have a Fight

Alice and Edward have a fight and Jasper and Bella have to break it up.


1. Alice and Eddie spring into action

Rating 2/5   Word Count 220   Review this Chapter

Edward POV

"Aliiiiiice!" I wailed. She had really done it this time. How dare she! The little pint sized freak!

"Yes, Edward." she said in a voice that said I know what this is about and I don't get why your so upset. UGH!

How could you I said holding up the video camera anymore force and I would brake it. She just rolled her eyes and thought oh please Eddie Emmett and I were just *enternal laugh*...curious. Because we know how you love to strip tease to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO and we thought that maybe Bella should see it or does she already know she thought with a little smirk on her smug little face

That did it. I began to scream at Alice telling her it was none of her business in a more colorful way. And then I sprang and so did Alice at the exact same moment. Then all of a sudden Bella was on top of me pinning me down and Jasper was holding Alice down also trying to stop her and Bella stoping me.

"THAT'S IT! Edward, Alice Jasper and I are tired of breaking fight up every five freakin seconds. And I think I can honestly speak for both of us in say we have had it!"