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Secret Child

Isabella swan's life changed from three little words. Isabella you're adopted . Complete and utter shock comes when she finds she is a child born from two vampires. Who are her parents?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight!

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( Bella's POV)

I was always different than all the other teenagers in this small town. I lived in Forks, Washington. I was always faster, stronger, better at hearing, my eyesight was more than perfect, and I was inhumanly beautiful. Now, I don't rely on my looks for popularity. In fact, I never showed my face at school until highschool. Oh, the only downfall was that my skin was pale, really pale.

As a baby, the doctor's told me my heartbeat was very slow and very quiet. I also had a very cold temprature. I don't know why though. It was weird, I was weird. Sometimes I thought I didn't belong with my family. My mother is Renee Swan, and my father is Charlie Swan. My mother is a famous designer, and my father is the head chief of police. I have two brothers and a sister. My oldest brother is Jace Gabriel Swan, he's nineteen. My youngest brother is Tanner Jaylon Swan, he's fourteen. The youngest of the family is Brianna Nicole Swan, she's only seven. I am a middle child, I'm Isabella Marie Swan, I'm seventeen years old.

" Hey Bells, want to come over tonight? My parents won't be home.", my boyfriend Jacob Black asked. I sighed. He always wanted to take it to the next level, something I wasn't ready for.

" Jake, I am not sleeping with you until I am sure I am unconditionally and irevoccobly in love with you. If you keep pushing me on this I swear to got I will chop your man parts off with hedge clippers!", I growled. Everyone of our friends started laughing. Little did they know I was serious. I hated it when Jake pressured me. Sometimes I couldn't control my anger, that's when my strength showed.

" Sorry babe, you're just to desirable not to think about that kind of stuff.", he apologized. I knew I couldn't stay mad at him forever so I stetched to my toes and kissed him.

( Rosalie Cullen's POV)

" It's time to move on. We're attracting to much attention.", my ' Father ' Carlisle Cullen said. The worst part about being a vampire was always having to move. I'd already been given half of what I wanted. Though I had to give it up, as soon as it came into my life.

" Forks, Washington. There's hardly ever any sun, and we have a home there.", I said immediately. I had been there with Emmett, my husband, seventeen years ago.

" Alright Forks it is. But Rose, why do you always suggest going there?", Carlisle raised his brow. I looked at Emmett and he nodded and took a deep breath.

" Do you remember seventeen years ago, Rose and I left for about a year?", Emmett asked. Everyone nodded.

" We had a baby, I was pregnant. I don't know how, so don't ask. But we did. In order for her to be safe, we left her with a family there. She will be eighteen in two months. We named her Isabella Marie. I just want to see what she grew into.", we told them. They all had their mouths open.

" Y-you had a child?", Esme asked bewildered. Em and I nodded.

" She was, beautiful. I dry sobbed for days when we gave her up. It hurt so much. Her heartbeat, it constantly plays in my mind. I know edward has heard it in my mind. It's my favorite sound in the world. She had mohagany hair, and her eyes, they were chocolate brown with golden specks in them.", I felt like crying. We kept her for a month before giving her up, she became a daddy's girl, Emmett had also cried.

" Ok, I also want to see the child. So, Forks, that is our new home.", Carlisle hugged us both.

( Bella's POV)

" Did you hear? We have new students! They are the Cullens and the Hales. They all live with the new doctor and his wife. There's the twins, Jasper and Rosalie hale. They are seniors. Then theirs Emmett Cullen, he's also a senior. Then there is Alice and Edward Cullen, who are juniors like us. I also heard that Rosalie and Emmett are together, the same with Alice and Jasper. But Eddie boy is single.", my friend, Makayla, purred. I grimanced.

" Whatever, just don't make me watch. I don't need pointers on guys.", I said.

" Yeah right! You won't even sleep with your own boyfriend.", Makayla laughed. It was lunch and I saw the Cullen and the hales for the first time. They were all inhumanly beautiful like me. The blond and the big muscley guy, seemed vaugly familiar.

" Bella baby! Come kiss the birthday boy!", Jake shouted just entering the lunch room. I laughed then walked over to kiss the birthday boy.

( Rosalie's POV)

" Do you see her yet?", Emmett and I said together. We were all in the lunchroom occupying a table. We saw a very tall muscley guy walk in

" Bella baby! Come kiss the birthday boy!", that's when we saw our daughter for the first time. As soon as their lips touched Emmett growled. Then the kiss got more.... heated.

" Why is that stupid, mutt of a boy's hands on my daughter's ass? I swear to god if he ever touched her like that again I will kill him.", Emmett growled so low only the vampires in the room could hear it.

" Ok Jake, stop touching me. I gave you a kiss and you know how much I hate PDA.", Isabella warned.

" Baby, what did I tell you. You are just so.... attractive. It's hard to keep my hands to myself.", The stupid Jake boy winked. Isabella scowled.

" Listen here Jacob Ephraim Black. I swear to god, if you don't quit acting like a childish four year old, you will have to go find another girls ass to grab.", My daughter looked scary, well to the average human she would.

" Oh come on! You are the one who keeps tempting me every freaking day, and then never even sleeps with me! And all my friend's wonder why I cheat on you with Vanessa Wolfe! Could it be because my girlfriend doesn't satisfy me?", he yelled. Suddenly the whole school was watching them with their mouths wide open.

" Y- you cheat on me? With that slut? She's got like four different STD's! We are over Jacob Black, and if you even think about trying to win me back like you did last time, I will put a freaking restraining order on you. Oh, and you better hope my father doesn't hear about this, because he has three shotguns. I'm sure if you ask your dad he would know, seeing as they are best friends. Goodbye Jake, have a wonderfull birthday.", Before she strode out of the room she slapped the Jake kid across the face.

" Well Rose, she got your temper.", Jasper laughed. We all joined in.