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Secret Child

Isabella swan's life changed from three little words. Isabella you're adopted . Complete and utter shock comes when she finds she is a child born from two vampires. Who are her parents?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight!

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

" Bella, I know today has been really bad for you. What with Jacob and all, but we NEED to tell you something.", my parents grabbed my hands. I had no idea what was going on. i'd never seen them this serious before.

" Alright, you're making me nervous whats going on?", I swallowed loudley.

" Isabella, you're adopted.", my father simply stated.

" W-what? I-I'm adopted? Who are m-my real p-parents?", My breathing was histerical.

" Yes sweety you are adopted. And we don't know who your parents are. They left you a couple things though. A note, your favorite bear you've always had, and a bracelet.", my mother tightened her grip on my hand.

" I want to see the letter and the bracelet.", I demanded. My father got up and brought them over to me. I looked at the bracelet and it had a charm that looked like the one the cullen and hale kids were wearing. I started reading the letter.

' Isabella,

I'm sorry we weren't there to watch you grow up. Trust us when we say it was for your safety.

We love you so much, and it hurt to just give you away. Your father and I had a very hard time,

you had already turned into a daddy's girl. We gave you the bear so you'll know we'll always watch

for you. We gave you the bracelet, so that you would know you are a part of our family, and

nothing will change that. If you ever saw us again, you wouldn't believe your eyes on who

we were. Just remember Isabella,

We love you, for all eternity,

Mom and dad - R & E '

I stood up and emptied my backpack. My parents had just left for work. I packed a bag of clothes and money. Then, being as how pissed I am I packed a bag of booze. I could just drink my sorrows away. Then my stength came into play. I punched the side of the house and the bricks cracked. I opened the first bottle of booze and chugged it. By the time I even saw a car I was so hammered.

" Bella Swan?", A musical, familiar voice asked.

( Rosalie's POV)

I can't believe my eyes. My own daughter drunk and stumbling around Forks washington crying her eyes out.

" Bella Swan?", I exited the car and walked over to her.

" You know, I always knew I didn't belong.", she said.

" What do you mean?", of couse I already knew what was wrong.

" I've been living with strangers the past seventeen years. As if I need to be more of a freak than I already am. And that stupid letter they left, saying that they still love me know matter what. If they loved me they would've kept me.", she sobbed. I wanted to tell her how I wanted to keep her.

" Here come with me. I'll take you back to my place.", I helped her into my car.

" Fine, but just know, if you are some kind of axe murderer, I'm faster and stronger than most people.", she pointed a finger at me.

( Bella's POV)

I had a major headache, and I didn't remember what had happened the previous night. All I knew was that I had slept at the Cullen's house, and my parents told me I was adopted. I walked downstairs and was greeted by seven people.

" Hello Bella!", the tiny pixie girl yelled.

" Um, hi. Look, I'm sorry. Thanks for-", the tiny pixie girl grabbed my wrist and looked at my bracelet.

" Wow, where'd you get this?", she seemed genuinely curious.

" My birth parents left it for me before they ditched me in this stupid town.", I growled.

" Maybe they did it for your own good.", Rosalie spoke up.

" I've been calling those people mom and dad for the past seventeen years. I'm practically an adult and they choose now to tell me I'm adopted. ", i felt a tear slip feom my eye.