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Secret Child

Isabella swan's life changed from three little words. Isabella you're adopted . Complete and utter shock comes when she finds she is a child born from two vampires. Who are her parents?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight!

3. 3

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( Rosalie's POV)

" Rosalie, Emmett, may I talk to you both in my office?", Carlisle aske. Bella was still here so we had to act human. Even though she wasn't human. But she really didn't know she wasn't human. It was all so confusing. Once we were out of sight we used vampire speed to get to the office.

" What is it Carlisle?", Emmett asked.

" Do you think we should tell Bella? That you are her parents?", Carlisle took a deep breath waiting for our answers.

" If we did, she would know why she is different. If we didn't she would live in disappointment, and despair. I have no idea what to do.", I sighed and sat down.

" I want a relationship with my daughter. I've spent eighteen years of her life in the shadows. I'm done hiding. I'm telling my little girl I'm her daddy.", Emmett said marching into the living room where everyone was. When we got there Bella and Edward were sitting on the couch smiling at eachother. Bella saw us and sat up fast.

" You're my parents? That's impossible, you're only like eighteen.", how the hell did she know this?

" D-did you hear us?", Carlisle asked bewildered.

" Ya, I have really really good hearing and eyesight. My par- Charlie and Renee said I notice everything and never leave anything unnoticed. So, how can you be my parents?", she demanded.

" We- we are not..... human. We're vampires, do you believe us?", My voice was strained.

" I guess, I mean, I'm not the most normal of people. It's logical, that I'm..... different.", she gave a small smile.

" We aren't lying to you. We hired private photographers to take pictures of you, so we could watch you grow up. I could show you some of them.", I smiled at her.

" Bella, Do you want to go on a walk with me?", Edward held his hand out. Before she took it she hugged Emmett and I both. She left with Edward.

( Bella's POV)

I beleived they were my parents. I mean, I am not human. Also, I have golden specks in my eyes.

I think I was falling in love with Edward Cullen. He was... gorgous, not that, that mattered. He brought a smile to my face. Whenever his hand would brush mine, I felt a..... spark. I hated taking my eyes off him.

" So, welcome to the family.", Edward smiled at me.

" Well, that's if you guys think of me as family. I haven't been with you guys as long as I have with Renee and Charlie. I'd understand if you guys didn't want to see me.", I sighed.

" Bella, you are a part of this family. We were always missing a peice, but now that you're here, our family feels complete. Did you know Rose and Em, your heartbeat is always playing in their minds? Emmett carries a baby picture of you in his wallet.", Edward took my hand.

" Really?", I asked.

" Ya, he loves you so much. We couldn't imagine him being the big lovable teddy bear type around children, but he would have been a great father. They want you to accept them. Trust me, they love you so much. Ever since they had to give you up, they have been lifeless.", Edward rubbed circles on my hand with his thumb. He looked me in the eyes and bent down. I stetched up to my toes and his lips met mine. It was better than any kiss I had ever had. It wasn't like Jake's hungry for more kiss. It was gentle and passionate. It's when I realized, I'm in love with Edward Cullen the vampire.