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Secret Child

Isabella swan's life changed from three little words. Isabella you're adopted . Complete and utter shock comes when she finds she is a child born from two vampires. Who are her parents?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight!

4. 4

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( Emmett's POV)

" Rose she's been gone a long time. What if somethings happened to her. can we please just follow her scent. Just to see if she's okay. PLEEEAASSEE!", I begged. I didn't like that my baby girl was off alone in the woods with my brother.

" I know what you meen and yes, let's go find her.", Rose chuckled. We followed the scents walking at a human pace. We didn't even want to think about the possibilities of Bella being hurt. The scent got stonger and we fianally found her. Though, we didn't find her in a good way.

Yep, I'm standing here trying to decide if I should rip my brother's lips off, or maybe his hands. Let's think well he's making out with my daughter up against a tree. Oh, and let's not forget his hands that are on her ass. Hmm, choices, I think I'll scare them then forbid him to touch her, then punch him in the face. Yes, that's a good idea.

" Isabella Marie Swan! Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! Get your hands off my daughter as well as your lips before I rip them off and throw them in a god damn fire!", I yelled. They jumped apart and Rose started chuckling.

" Oh, come on Em. They were just having some fun, I mean they aren't aging anymore and they are stuck hormonal teenagers.", she started chuckling again.

" I don't care! His hands were all over our daughter!", I evil eyed Edward.

" Emmett, what's the worst that's going to happen? They are making out, we make our on a daily basis.", Rose reminded me.

" It's different! My brother, had his tongue shoved halfway down my daughter's throat! Not to mention he was touching her butt!",

" Emmett, I can assure you his wasn't the only tongue in action here. So, Edward, Bella, let's get back to the house. We have some things to discuss.", Both Edward and Bella nodded and followed after Rose.