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Cullens To The Rescue

Edward, Carlisle, Alice, Emmett, Esme, Jasper and Rosalie are abducted by Volturi Inc. Over the course of three days, they're injected with chemicals and transformed into creatures with superpowers. What will they do with their newfound abilities?


1. Abducted

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Edward's POV

I was reaching a breakthrough with the 'Volturi' case. These people were corrupt and dangerous and frankly, I couldn't wait to expose them to the world.

"Cullen, working late again?" a woman teased.

I smiled. "Sorry Tanya, I know I owe you about a dozen dates because of all the strings you've pulled,"

"You're worth it, Eddy,"

She grinned at me and handed me a set of photos. "I almost got arrested for these, your story better reach the front cover,"

I laughed, of course she'd risk going to jail in order to get the perfect shot. Tanya Denali was the best photographer I've ever met and probably beat most of the photographers I haven't met.

"Not too late, Edward, your dad gets worried about you," she said softly.

I gave her my signature crooked grin. "See you in the morning, Tanya,"

"Goodnight Edward,"

She left the office and I sighed. Carlisle actually was very worried. He was used to me coming home early and having dinner with him. That was actually the point of him moving to Seattle with my adopted sister, Alice. The first time that I pulled an all-nighter at the office, I didn't even realise it. All I could focus on was the keyboard and screen in front of me.

The elevator dinged and I didn’t bother to look up, it was probably, Waylon, our janitor.

"Edward Cullen, I presume?" a voice asked.

I looked up and almost fell off my chair.

"Y-You're Aro...but you're supposed to be in Italy," I spluttered.

"Yes, that is popular belief, isn't it?" he said casually.

I gulped. "What do you want?"

"Give up the story or...you'll be acquainted with my friends,"

"No, I can't, people need to know what Volturi Inc. does. They need to find out how you’re getting rich because of other people's pain and illegal deals,"

He smiled. "I was hoping you wouldn't say that...but you have more...let's say courage rather than stupidity, than I thought,"

My eyes widened. "Are you going to kill me?"

"And waste a human life? Of course not, Edward,"

He smiled and brought out a gun.

"But I guess I could make an exception this time, though," he stated.

I gasped and heard a bang.

Carlisle's POV

I sighed and put the black umbrella down. I was in the warmth and dryness of my car now. Another year has passed without my darling Lydia. She was killed in a drive-by shooting three years ago. Her killers were never brought to justice and I loathed that fact each and every day. The police were too busy with other criminals that they couldn't find Lydia's murderers yet. There was a knock on the window and I jumped. The rain had stopped and I lowered the window to see who knocked on my car window.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello, I couldn't help but notice you mourning in the cemetery, was it your sister you lost?" the man asked.

He looked sorrowful and I knew he must've been grieving too.

"No, my wife," I corrected. "Were you mourning your sister?"

"Yes, she died a long time ago. I'm sorry, my name is Aro," the man stated. He held out his hand and I shook it.

"I'm Dr Carlisle Cullen. I'm sorry for your loss, my wife, Lydia, only died three years ago,"

Aro's eyes seemed to cloud over and became clearer when he let go of my hand.

"It's a shame her killers were not brought to justice," he stated.

I was surprised that he knew about that. I guess the article about Lydia Cullen was read by more people than I thought. My son, Edward, worked for the Seattle Sun and wrote an article out of frustration because the police weren't doing anything. My heart ached, a few weeks ago, he went missing and there was no trace of where he was. Alice, his sister, was very distraught and had been searching for him in all of her spare time.

"Carlisle, I believe I know who killed your wife," he stated.

I gasped. "H-How could you know that?"

"I have my sources...would you like to see them go to jail?"

"Of course,"

"It's such a shame my phone is out of battery...could I borrow yours?"

I nodded and reached into my bag to find it. The last thing I remember was a blow to my head before I lost consciousness.

Alice's POV

It was like the world was crashing around me. My mother was dead, my brother went missing and now...now Carlisle, my father, seems to have disappeared.

I decided to take a break from posting 'Missing Persons' posters on every surface of Seattle and decided to yell at the police again. It seemed to be my new hobby.

"Sorry Ms Cullen, there's been no update on the search," Constable Jones informed.

"Well are you even looking? If you stop sitting around and actually do something, there might be an update!" I shouted in outrage.

"Calm down, the station has a lot of things to investigate. We're going to do our best-"

"Your best isn't good enough!"

"I know this is tough on you. We'll contact you if something new comes up,"

I huffed and stalked out of the police station. It was drizzling in Seattle and I had forgotten an umbrella. You'd think a person who'd lived in Washington State her whole life would have more sense than that.

I ran in the rain to my apartment. I was just around the corner when a car swerved in front of me. I swore at them and got ready to do some serious damage if anyone got out. The car door opened and a man in a suit came out.

"Alice Cullen?" he inquired.

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. "Sorry, you must have the wrong girl,"

"We know where your family is,"

"You're lying," I hissed.

"Just look in the car,"

I glared at him and peeked inside the car swiftly. I saw a startling flash of bronze that resembled my brothers hair. I leaned closer to get a better look and felt the impact of something hit me on the back of my head.

Esme's POV

There was a knock on the door and I rushed to answer it.

"Just a minute, please!" I called.

I opened the door and removed the chain.

"Hello, Officer, what's wrong?" I asked.

He looked at me gravely. "Charles has escaped,"

I gasped. "What? But that's impossible! He's in jail, this was supposed to end, all of this fear and dread was over,"

My eyes filled with tears as I sank to the ground.

"Ms Platt, I'm sorry, we need to get you to a safe house, you'll be under police watch and we can protect you," the policeman urged.

I sniffed. "No, if he's coming to kill me...I'll beat him to it,"

The policeman grabbed my arms but I kicked him away. He fell and I thought I actually knocked out a police officer.

"Esme Platt?" a young woman inquired. "My name is Heidi, I heard the yelling when I was on my way to see you. Your husband has escaped jail,"

I looked at her in surprise as she stepped over the policeman casually.

"I-I know, he just told me," I stuttered.

Heidi smiled sadly. "I'm sorry but this man is not a member of the police, he must be sent by Charles,"

I gasped and she grabbed my arm gently.

"If he's capable of this, he's more dangerous than we think and even if you don't want to live, Esme, we need him behind bars. It'll be safer for everyone else," she soothed. "Come with me, I know how to help you and you could be with your son in heaven soon,"

I nodded, too shocked to argue.

"B-But there's-s one th-thing I don't underst-stand," I stuttered, "How did you manage to knock him down?"

A brief flash of panic swept over her face and she brought a syringe from her purse.

"You look very tired, maybe you should rest for a bit," she stated as she plunged the needle in my wrist.

I tried to scream before my whole world was engulfed in darkness.

Emmett's POV

"Him," a young boy murmured to a young girl.

He pointed to me and I turned my gaze to another aspect of the boring corner shop. The girl smiled and walked towards me. I tapped my foot as I waited for the line to speed up. All I wanted was to have milk with my cereal. The girl tapped on my arm and I turned to her.

"Hello, little girl," I said with a grin.

Suddenly, all the people in the little corner store seemed to collapse. It was like their senses were cut off.

"What the heck?" I muttered.

I looked back at the blonde girl who was smiling.

"D-Did you do this?" I asked.

"Of course not, he did," she trilled.

She gave me a toothy grin and every cell in my body screamed in pain. The milk dropped and spilled on the floor dramatically as I screamed in pain and fell alongside it.

Jasper's POV

"I said 'no', Maria, what do you not understand about no?" I demanded.

She glared at me. "It's not the 'no' part, it's why you would ever say that. I thought you had more sense than that,"

I was suddenly very aware of the fake, extremely sharp, metal fingernails that were ingrained at the end of her fingers and the knife strapped to her calf.

"You can't just threaten me, Maria, I can come and go as I please," I snapped.

"Only when you're on my good side," she stated.

She snapped her fingers and I saw two men advancing from the shadows.

"I can kill them very easily," I growled. "What makes you think I won't?"

"Because you hate it, which is ironic because you have so much potential,"

I glared at her. "I don't care, this was a bad idea,"

There was the sound of a siren and the men looked panicked. I heard a hiss and the three left. A police car pulled up in front of

me, nearly running me over. I looked at it suspiciously.

"Jasper Whitlock?" a man asked.

I stood my ground, keeping my face smooth.

"Who's asking?" I asked.

The man chuckled. "Peter said you'd do that,"

Relief flooded into me. "Peter? You know where he is?"

"We came here so that you could be re-united with him," the man stated.

The car door opened and I walked towards it cautiously.

"Y'know, Charlotte missed you, too. They were dying to know what happened to you," another voice added.

I thought for a moment. These people knew two of my friends and they seemed to know them very well. They also scared off Mariaand her posse, which gives them double points in my book. I walked towards the door and peered inside the dark car. An armreached out and grabbed me by the shirt, pulling me inside. I groaned and realised I should've listened when my parents told meto never get into a strangers' car.

Rosalie's POV

The palm of his hand struck my cheek, leaving a red mark. My eyes stung and I turned around and walked away.

"Rose, I'm sorry, come back!" he yelled.

I walked away faster, hoping that I'd be able to put enough distance between us for me to feel safe again.

"Rosalie!" he called.

His voice was closer than I expected. I started to run and made it to the end of the street. I was about to open the door to the café when someone pulled me back.

"C'mon Rosie," he slurred. "I just want to talk,"

"Royce, No! Get away from me!" I shouted.

I had my pepper spray in my hand and was about to spray him in the face when I felt a strange chill in the air. I looked around and Royce was gone. I stepped into the café and felt a hand smother me before I could scream. I saw a pair of blood red eyes before everything went black.

Bella's POV

My attackers had me cornered and I gulped as one of them got out a knife and grinned at me maliciously.

"Did you really think you could get away from us?" he demanded.

"N-No," I mumbled.

"We're going to have a lot of fun with you, sweetie pie," the other man stated.

He licked his lips sickeningly. I decided to stop cowering and turned to them.

"You don't scare me," I said defiantly.

"Really?" the knife-holding one said with a sadistic grin. "Well, we'll just have to change that, won't we?"

I swore and shut my eyes, hoping that this was a bad dream. There was a thud and I was surrounded by three unconscious men and one unfamiliar one.

"They won't bother you anymore," he said gruffly.

He turned and walked away.

"Wait!" I shouted.

He was around the corner before I started to run. I turned into the alleyway and he was nowhere to be seen. As if on instinct I looked up. Somehow, he had made his way to the rooftop of the building.

"Th-thank you," I stuttered.

Even though my voice was low, I sensed that he had heard it. He disappeared and I decided to go home.