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Baby Cullen

All of the Cullen's left in New Moon except for Emmett. What's holding him here? What won't he tell Rosalie? Why can't Alice see Emmett anymore?

It's told from Emmett's/ Leah's/ ____Cullen ;)/ And someone else later in the story. None of the wolves have imprint yet, in my story they don't officially imprint until they "Come of Age" It sort of happens in stages. I'll explain i the story. Ex: Sam, Paul and Jared.

1. Chapter 1: Introduction. Emmett's POV

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It's true about what they say about seeing your baby for the first time. The love is instantaneous and unconditonal.

She squeezed my hand and screamed. "This is it." Carlisle said, "Last push...NOW." She squeezed my hand so hard I thought she broke a few bones in her hand, she released it along with a breath of relief. Then time began to stand still as I heard the baby cry. "It's a girl." Carlise's now distorted voice informed me. The all white room and people in it blurred as he handed me the baby girl. As he got closer, I began to get nervous. What if I dropped her? What if I held her wrong? What if I held her too close? What if she didn't like me? The clocked in the hallway ticked away the second, counting down until he got to me. I swallowed, what if she cried because I was too cold or worse, what if Michelle changed her mind? What if she was having second thoughts? Another second passed and Carlisle was getting closer and I could see her now. Her skin was the colour of dark oak. Her heart shaped face held deep set hazel brown eyes framed with thick eyelashes. Her straight nose held take in her first breaths and her tiny arms and legs stretched in all directions. He handed her to me. She was so small, so very, very small. I felt like Lennie in Of Mice and Men, when held his puppy. Her entire body was that of my forearm. All nervousness was gone, replaced with protection. This little girl would the most safe guarded baby in America. "Hi." She jumped slightly at the sound of my voice but cooed a a tiny reply. "A name?" The nurse asked with computer in hand. I looked at her mother. "Pick." She smiled. "Addison. Addison Liddane Cullen." I smiled I loved it. "Addison Liddane Cullen." I repeated.

While Michelle recovered, I held Addison, played with her and watched her sleep. Time seem to pass so quickly while she slept, and being immortal, that's saying alot. Carlisle came in and checked on her. "You know, she can go home tomorrow." I looked up at him. "Really?" He nodded and smiled. "Michelle is gone, she's back with her parents." I nodded. Addison began to wake up, she looked directly at me. She'd grown 2 and a half centimeters since she was born and was up to 8 ounces from her birth weight. "Good Morning, honey." I wondered if she was used to seeing me now or did she think I was just a huge unnaturally pale white guy watching her as she slept and as she woke up, shit, I haven't moved in three days. "Can you stay a while longer? I'm not sure I should be trusted with a human this small yet." He chuckled. "Of course." I lifted her up out of her bed. "I get to take you home tomorrrow." I whispered as I held her to my chest. She made a strange noise that sounded like "yay".