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Baby Cullen

All of the Cullen's left in New Moon except for Emmett. What's holding him here? What won't he tell Rosalie? Why can't Alice see Emmett anymore?

It's told from Emmett's/ Leah's/ ____Cullen ;)/ And someone else later in the story. None of the wolves have imprint yet, in my story they don't officially imprint until they "Come of Age" It sort of happens in stages. I'll explain i the story. Ex: Sam, Paul and Jared.

2. A Meeting In The Woods. Leah's POV.

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It's been about a year and a half since the Cullen's left. However, not all of them did. Blondie left without The Linebacker but he didn't seem to mind, he seemed focused on something else. Needless to say Blondie got paranoid and began to follow him. He led on her on a false trail and she got tired of waiting and left, vowing to never return. Thank God.

"So are we just gonna ignore the fact the that all the leeches left except for the really BIG one?"- Paul. "He's been acting weird, staying to himself alot." - Jared. "What's normal behavior for a vampire?" - Quil. Sam and Jake's mind's raced with possibilites, they went from him perfoming a mass murder of people, chanigng them, which to me was redundant, it then went from him just moving away and that he need to downsize. They opted on the positive side. I heard Seth run through the trees, he thoughts silent until he phased, "He's gotta daughter!" We laughed. He showed us her face. "What."- Paul. "The."- Embry. "Fuck."- All of us. Seth's tail wagged. "Her name is Addison, he's gonna introduce her to us"