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isabella marie masen?

what would happen if bella was a masen? what if they meet face to face? mysterious disapearences? unexplained absences? meltdowns, mothers ,animal blood ,masens ,periods ,truth or dare ,emmett ,vampires? =fun and trouble o.o find out what happens inside -garanted fun and laughs- (rated adult for language o.o)

what have they got themselves into this time? ;) tut tut tut. (rated adult for language o.o) (i dont own twilight or anything associated with it:( ) :p

1. moving

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my name is isabella marie masen-swan or just bella as most people call me (i dont like isabella it seems to posh for plain old me). my name is masen and swan because they are my mother and farthers last names they both diddnt want them to die out -they had been going to long. my mothers family originated in chicago and has been going for centuries through the thick and thin like through the spanish influenza epidemic -but thats a diffrent story- my farthers family is very sterotypical, the wives were stay at home wives while all the men were police officers and have never left forks or even the street (it so small).That of course ended when my mother left my farther taking me with her.

im attached to the masen part of my family because of the diaries -only me and my mom have read. The ones left on my great grandparents grave every year on the day they died -we know this because they wont be there the day before but there on the day they died -the next day. After about 3 years me and my got curious and decided to wait on tht day from dawn till dusk to see the person who wrote the diaries. At around about 1pm a guy pulled up i a posh car -lean,dark hair stern but friendly face,blue eyes,tall- and holding the diary like a papper under his arm and started to walk towards us. when he got to the grave he gently put it on the grave and diddnt even aknowlege us but my moms curiousity got the better of her so she stood up brushed herdelf of and confidently reached out and grabbed his arm asking him "did you write these diaries" his simply replid with a melodromic voice with a underline of sadness guilt and love? -his eyes matching every emotion- "no, i just deliver them for a friend have done for years he asked me to do it and i said yes he gave me the diary and asked me to put it his relatives grave then gave me $100, every year on the day before i recive a package of a diary and $100, so every year i put the diary on the grave as a favor to him" my mom inatantly let go and I said "thats very kind of you" he just replied in the same voice "its the least i can do" and a simple nod then going back to his car and driving away. me and my mom shared was speachless and just shared a look.

After that day we just went said our blessings/prayers collected the diary and went home.This year and the years to come are going to be very diffrent because i am going to be living with my dad -my mom just married phil dywer, phil is a good guy a bit young, but hes a minor league baseball player and was rarely home it made my mom unhappy to stay home with me so i decided to move in with my dad charlie for the rest of the year and my senior year before going to college.

I was always the adult in my relationship with my parents -controlling my childish mother and looking after myself at my work-o-holic dads.

So here i am on a plane from my home at sunny pheonix to port-angoles a stop on the way to my new home forks -the rainest place on the planet (im not lying)-wondering how plain and boring my life would look to the outside world.


Once the plane stopped me and charlie headed overf to the car and drove the hour jorney to forks in his police-chief- uniform and car to my new rainy home for the next year and a half.


Once we arrived at my new home -old small house,two stories ,one bathroom ,outside yellow ,oldfashioned ,victorian house trimmings along the roof and (stuck out) windows- i settled in and unpacked my belongings holding and carrying the diaries -my mom let me keep as a piece of their and them- extra carefully and put them in a safe dry place. After i had settled i went downstairs for dinner and shared a pizza with charlie (mushroom ofcourse). i went to bed early because i would be up early tommorow for school but i couldnt sleep be it either because of nerves or this nagging feeling i had that something was going to happen but i diddnt know if it was good or bad. Giving up i got out of bed and grabbed the first diary (it is my favorite) it always managed to calm my nerves -it was filled with so much information and emotion (although the others do to this one was better was more meaningful, deep and close to the person) and reminded me my life could be a lot worse. With those thoughts i drifted into to a deep, calm, peaceful, dreamless sleep.