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isabella marie masen?

what would happen if bella was a masen? what if they meet face to face? mysterious disapearences? unexplained absences? meltdowns, mothers ,animal blood ,masens ,periods ,truth or dare ,emmett ,vampires? =fun and trouble o.o find out what happens inside -garanted fun and laughs- (rated adult for language o.o)

what have they got themselves into this time? ;) tut tut tut. (rated adult for language o.o) (i dont own twilight or anything associated with it:( ) :p


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First days are always bad especially for me im an outsider and an outcast in a small town i wont make any trustworthy loyal friends plus I will be the center of attention uncomfortable for most people but im incredibly shy and hate being the center of attention mix that will gossip and a small town and my attendancy to blush -at the slightest thing- tomatoe red adding to my embarresment, its an endless, vicious circle.

i rushed through my morning routine wearing a fitting navy blue shirt thet shows my colarbone and neck but covered my arms with inch black heels and a fitting black skirt that sits just above the knee and rids up to about half way up my thigh when i sit down -not what i would normally wear but my mother and friends pulled together chose an outfit and was adamant i wear it though i would probably break an ankle on the stairs because of the heels and felt like a hore and was exposing to much to everyone with my really short skirt and exposing neck line showing almost all my legs neck cloarbone and some of the clevage i never knew i had- and my long wavy hair that reached the botton of my back down and partly over my sholders .-my hair and eyes a rich chocolate colour with a thick dark brown band around the outside of my eyes and darker highlights in my hair and a redish hint in the sun.

when i finally got up the courage to leave -i was glad i got up early so i wasnt late- i left in my audi -midninght blue of course- (a/nblue obcession) and drove down the highway -everything in forks was just off the highway so i diddnt need to know where i was going- and looked for forks high. I spotted it a few moments later by a billboard reading "forks high school" . I parked in the school parking lot 15 minutes early so noone was around yet. I quickly hurried to the office where i was greeted by a sweet old lady behind the desk with a kind smile my her name tag i found out her name was miss cope.

I walked up to the desk and said "hi im isabella masen-swan"

her kind smile in to an knowing smile.

"ah, the chiefs daughter one minute let me get your forms"

10 minutes later i was walking out of the office with everything i could possibly ever need i took out my map and time table.

my time table said

1- home room(3)

2- history(1)


4- bussiness (8)

5- english(2)

6- lunch

7-biology (3)

8-trigometery (4)

9-gym (6)

what a boring schedule. So i made my way to home room block 4.

my morning was uneventful.i knew most the things in my classes and a few boys were pestering me afterwards specifically tyler mike and eric though i dont like any of them. i stayed with someone i met in history -angela- at break shes a nice kind conciderate girl.

i walked alone at lunch from english -one of my favorite subjects- after much percistance from the boys. when i left the dinner line -i got a sandwich and a drink- everything slowed down although i was still walking and i saw THEM the people i knew so well but never meet -alice (physic),her mate jasper (empath), rosalie (rose), her mate emmett, and finally edward the one i knew too well and so intimatley (mind reader). But i wasnt worried he couldnt read my mind see there is somethings you dont know.


i was sitting on the sofa with my mom around the age of 7-6 i dont remember specifics.she was reading what looked like a very, very, very old notebook so carefully.I was reading pride and predujest again as my mom would say in an exsaperated voice but i love the book so much so she lets me read it again and again and again and again and again and again as she would say in the same voice.

Curiousity got the better of me and i had to ask"mommy, what are you reading"

she paused minutley before gently closing the book and placing it down before turning to me.

"bella. this is a very old book that means alot to our family and our ancestors. Especially me considering im then only one to read them"

she paused but started again as i was going to say something

"i think its time you read the books but you have to know something first about our family.Sooner rather then later"

"yes ,mommy"

"were not like everybody else especially you"

she knows i dont know how she knows but she knows.

"carry on"

"we have gifts and have for centuries. It runs in our blood"

"that explains alot" i mumble

she smiles sincerly and continues"I know your especially powerful because my power is to sense other powers and there strength. Your is extremly powerful and your only an infant. You have several powers ones iv never seen..."

"carry on, mommy please..."

she gets a blank eyed look and says"your gifts are, seeing present future and past, sheilding yourself from other powers..."

"Then how do you know" i say interupting her

"Cause your my direct decendant any further up the line then it wont work, silly"

i nod and she continues getting another blank eyed look"your last ones remarkable and so powerful. Darling your immortal and will stay the same when you reach full growth at about 18-19."

To say i was gobsmacked, speachless is nowhere near the truth but you understand how i feel i couldnt talk for over an hour just sat there on the couch thinking that through untill my mom got worried and cooked me some food and only then did i realize how hungry i was so i snapped out of it and ate quickly glad for the distraction. I went to bed early that night praying for sleep to take my mind of it. It diddnt come i lay there for a few hours till i finally realized i should be overjoyed not worried and that this was a really good thing nomatter what happens in the future as long as i dont interact with people too much and move around so noone notices my never changing apearance. With that i got really happy and jumped up in my bed now fully awake.

a few moments later iv calmed back down and am lying in my bed again -although im not tired. My mom walks in and notices im awake and smiles sympathetically but i dont need it i smile a genuine whole-hearted happy cheshire sat smile that makes her smile the same way.

"you alright now?, i thought you would want this go bed soon okay, you need to read this" she said walking to my bed and kissing me on the head lovingly before giving me the delicate notebook that i hold ohso carefully and sit up again.

i reply with "yes, im fine now mommy i just needed time, i'll go bed soon i promise but could you put the light on for me to read please im not really tired now"


*end flashback*

By this time iv almost reached there table in the far corner away from everyone im nervous but i dont let it show even to the empath and walk confidently the rest of the way like i did before not letting myself blush like i want to though oi can tell my cheeks have gone a little pink because of my purposeness.unnoticeable to the cafateria

a/n tiny bit more info on bella her powers and her childhood together after the continuation of the flasback for the diary to be next chapter